| Victoria Banaszak

Clear thinking with Noughty Alcohol-Free at the Female Innovation Forum

Making ideas “bigger, better and faster together” was the underlying theme of this year's Female Innovation Forum that took place on July 7, 2022  at the impressive BMW Group Brand Experience Center in Dielsdorf, Switzerland.

The event, organised by the Swiss Ladies Drive GmbH and supported by Venture Pole”s power ladies Xiao Jean XJ Chen and Livia Lu united female innovators, investors, founders, networkers and business angels who came to share their knowledge, experience and learn from others. 

In between interesting keynote speeches and hands-on workshops sober-curious female leaders had the chance to experience the world’s best nonalcoholic adult alternatives: a glass of the zero percent Noughty Non-Alcoholic Organic Sparkling Wine from Thomson & Scott Noughty

Those ladies that gave this alcohol alternative a try were pleasantly surprised by the taste indistinguishable to its alcoholic counterparts. This is because of its production process following the same vinification steps like any alcoholic wine ending with a process in which the alcohol content is removed through vacuum distillation. This 0.00% choice did not only allow clear thinking throughout the whole event but also stimulated conversations about new product innovations and the mindful drinking movement. 

It was also a great invitation for those ladies that were pregnant, breastfeeding or needed to drive home after the event. 

Thomson & Scott Noughty is a company that fulfils the highest standards for socially approved and ecological services, public transparency and legal responsibility and VE Refinery is proud to represent them in Switzerland. Their alcohol-free adult beverages are now available at various stores in Switzerland and can be purchased in the VE Refinery online store.