| Victoria Banaszak

Spill Mag in Singapore Highlights "Buzzing" Noughty Alcohol-Free

Alcohol-free wines and beers seem to be the new buzz in the Singaporean market. The most common group of people drinking these alcohol-free wines is those who have quit drinking or are trying to reduce their intake. Non-alcoholic wines, beers, and spirits look, taste, and feel just like any alcoholic drink. 

By 2025, alcohol-free drinks are expected to grow by 7% in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a market study by Global Market Insights. A similar increase is predicted for the US and Europe as well. Beer is the leading non-alcoholic beverage, with 80% of the market share. Wines and spirits are gaining popularity with time. 

Non-alcoholic spirits have gained popularity in health and wellness. An average glass of beer has 150 calories, whereas a non-alcoholic one has only 25 calories. Pike, the founder of Free spirits, says her business is booming. She says her sales skyrocketed in November 2020 three times more than expected. 

All drinks containing 0.5%ABV or less are alcohol-free under US, EU, and Singaporean laws. The wine and beer producers use several methods to remove alcohol from drinks. The most common one is heating the solution until the alcohol evaporates. The other modern methods include reverse osmosis and vacuum distillation. These two methods help to restore the taste of alcohol-free beverages. Because of the use of this modern technology, the price set for these alcohol-free wines and spirits is comparable to the alcoholic version. But these prices don't seem to bother people who are looking for quality alcohol-free alternatives. 

Spill magazine recommends Noughty Chardonnay as one of the best alternatives for alcoholic wines. Along with Noughty, the magazine recommends trying Big drop brewing, Non, and Melati. Pike states it's just a matter of time before alcohol-free drinks will become mainstream all over the world. 

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