| Victoria Banaszak

Thomson & Scott Noughty joins the Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association (ANBA) Board in Europe

As of early June, the Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association (ANBA) has set foot on the European market, committing to uniting non-alcoholic adult beverage brands worldwide.

Already having opened its first division in North America, the ANBA has played a significant part in contributing to the growth of the ready-to-drink cocktails, wine, spirits and beer sector, enabling more non-alcoholic choices for consumers whatever their drinking preferences may be.

The ANBA Europe founding board members include founders of non-alcoholic beverage brands, combining a group of innovators and promoters of healthier and more inclusive lifestyles. Among this group is the CEO and Founder of Thomson and Scott, Amanda Thomson.

“The timing of ANBA's launch is perfect. To date, the non-alcoholic producers becoming increasingly relevant in the global beverage market have had no voice. Instead, the major alcohol producers have spoken for us. This platform gives us a much-needed opportunity to stick our flag in the sand on the issues that matter. It's a game-changer!" says Thomson.

Mark Livings, chairman of the ANBA board and co-founder of Lyre’s Spirits Co., when talking about the mission and need for an ANBA division in Europe, says, “Non-alcoholic drinks founders recognise that they are stronger together. With market share growing faster than regulation, the new ANBA UK/EU has an important role in ensuring that regulatory landscapes remain fair and consumers gain confidence in the quality of their products.”

ANBA’s mission is achieved through multiple initiatives, notably educating and engaging all stakeholders, including consumers, to accelerate industry growth, create regulatory standards, provide industry insights and trends, and provide professional development, networking and business support for those within the industry.

Only a year ago, in July 2021, the ANBA has fully dedicated itself to the non-alcoholic beverage industry worldwide and marks a milestone in bringing more non-alcoholic beverages onto the market. You can learn more about their mission by visiting