Are Non-Alcoholic Wine and Alcohol-Free Spirit Alternatives Healthy?

In today's health-conscious world, an increasing number of people are opting for non-alcoholic wine and alcohol-free spirit alternatives in place of traditional alcoholic beverages. While this shift towards alcohol-free wine and spirits might seem beneficial for health, the underlying ingredients and manufacturing processes of these products may tell a different story.


The Hidden Truth Behind Non-Alcoholic Alternatives


Non-alcoholic wines and spirits, including popular categories such as alcohol-free wine, Spritz, Rum and Gin alternatives, are frequently marketed as healthier or safer choices. However, it's crucial to examine the constituents of these non-alcoholic alternatives. Many rely heavily on added sugars and artificial flavours to replace the complex taste profiles typically provided by alcohol.


High Sugar Content in Non-Alcoholic Beverages


A significant concern with many non-alcoholic beverages, including non-alcoholic wine, is their elevated sugar levels. To enhance flavour and mimic the mouthfeel of their alcoholic counterparts, these products often contain as much sugar as some sodas. For instance, a typical serving of non-alcoholic wine can contain sugar amounts comparable to that in a standard can of cola, undermining the purported health benefits.


The Role of Additives


Beyond sugar, non-alcoholic wines, Spritz and popular Spirit alternatives frequently incorporate a variety of artificial or natural additives. These are intended to replicate the depth and complexity of alcoholic beverages and can include colourings, artificial flavours, and other chemical enhancers. Although safe in regulated amounts, the necessity and health implications of these additives remain a concern for those seeking genuinely healthy alternatives.


VE Refinery: A Healthier Approach to Non-Alcoholic Alternatives


VE Refinery distinguishes itself in the crowded market of non-alcoholic wines and spirits by prioritising natural ingredients, low sugar content, and low-calorie profiles. This approach is in stark contrast to the industry norm, which leans heavily on sugars and artificial additives.

VE Refinery features a portfolio of brands committed to healthier, natural, and sustainable non-alcoholic beverages, including alcohol-free wine, gin alternatives, and low-calorie spritz. Here's how each brand delivers on this promise:


Thomson & Scott Noughty



Thomson & Scott's Noughty stands out for its organic, vegan, low-calorie, and alcohol-free sparkling and still wines. With no added sugar and no additives, Noughty offers a sophisticated and health-conscious alternative for those who enjoy a sparkling wine without the alcohol. Take a glass of Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay for example with just 2.9g sugar per 100ml and just 14 calories. 





As a leading gin or botanical spirit alternative, Pentire captures the essence of unique, sustainably sourced Cornish botanicals. Its commitment to natural ingredients and absence of artificial additives make it an ideal choice for health-minded individuals. The functional benefits of the Pentire plant blend along with wild seaweed contain properties and minerals such as vitamin C, E and K, iodine, carotenoids and flavornoids as well as  antioxidants, fatty acids and omega 3 to strengthen the immune system aid health, sleep, circulation and recovery.


REAL Drinks Sparkling Tea



REAL Drinks revolutionizes the wine category with its sparkling teas, which are brewed from organic loose-leaf teas. These beverages are free from added sugars and synthetic flavours, aligning with low-calorie and healthy drinking trends. They are also fermented to provide gut-boosting live cultures in every sip. 





Feragaia is a pioneering alcohol-free spirit made from a blend of 14 botanicals, each carefully chosen for their unique flavour profiles. Distilled, blended, and bottled in Scotland, Feragaia's production process adheres to traditional distillation methods but without the alcohol, ensuring a depth of flavour that is both complex and satisfying. 

This non-alcoholic spirit is committed to natural ingredients, steering clear of artificial colours and flavours. The focus on natural processes and ingredients not only enhances the taste but also aligns with a healthier lifestyle choice. As a non-alcoholic alternative, Feragaia offers a robust flavour experience designed to appeal to those seeking a sophisticated drink without the drawbacks of alcohol.

The brand emphasizes sustainability, using locally sourced botanicals and eco-friendly packaging, reinforcing its commitment to the environment and quality. Feragaia stands as a testament to the possibility of enjoying the rich traditions of spirit making in a modern, health-conscious format. This makes it an ideal choice for those who appreciate the craft of spirit production and are looking for a low-calorie, alcohol-free option that does not compromise on taste or quality.




Spring/Summer Set


Wilfred's provides a refreshing low-calorie, non-alcoholic aperitif crafted from natural botanicals like rosemary, clove and bitter orange. This revolutionary alcohol-free Spritz ensures a low sugar content and avoids synthetic additives, promoting a healthier non-alcoholic Spritz option.


Wild Eve



Wild Eve exemplifies a unique non-alcoholic spirit meticulously crafted on the Isle of Harris, Scotland. Produced in tiny batches of just 30 bottles, each batch receives exceptional attention to ensure unparalleled quality and consistency.

This organic and vegan beverage is made entirely from whole plant ingredients, free from artificial additives, making it a popular choice for health-conscious individuals. Wild Eve stands out not only for its commitment to natural ingredients but also for its unique blend of herbs and adaptogens. These components are chosen for their ability to relax the mind and body, enhancing mood and providing a complex, satisfying drinking experience without alcohol.

Sustainability is at the heart of Wild Eve’s production. The small-batch approach not only maintains quality but also reduces environmental impact, reflecting the brand’s dedication to ethical practices and sustainability. Every stage of production, from sourcing to packaging, emphasizes minimal environmental footprint.


The expanding market for non-alcoholic wines and spirits presents a plethora of options, yet not all are created equal in terms of health benefits. VE Refinery's commitment to low-calorie, low-sugar, and natural ingredient profiles sets its brands apart, making them a preferred choice for those seeking healthy non-alcoholic alternatives. As the demand for healthier beverages grows, transparency and integrity in production are more crucial than ever. VE Refinery's brands lead the charge in offering reliable, healthy, and sustainable options for modern consumers.