B Corp Month 2023

Happy B Corp Month! As proud stockists of a range of alcohol-free drinks made by B corps, we couldn't pass up this excuse to celebrate them. If you're not sure what a B Corp is, you're in the right place. We'll explain all about them, take a look at what B Corp month is all about, and of course, celebrate our fabulous B Corp stockists.


What is a B Corp?


B Corp (or B corporation to use its full title) isn't just another fancy term coined by business owners to make them look good. Far from it in fact. B Corps measure success in terms of positive societal impact, not profit. To be certified as a B Corp, businesses have to demonstrate high standards of transparency, accountability and performance when it comes to doing the right thing. That means charitable giving, employee rights and benefits, positive supply chain management and utilising sustainable materials.


The three criteria for achieving B Corp certification are:


  • High performance in social and environmental assessments and risk reviews
  • A corporate governance structure that is accountable to all stakeholders in the business, not just the shareholders
  • Allowing their performance against the B Corp standards to be publicly available


These corporations are leading the way to a better economic system. By building the trust of communities, consumers, suppliers, investors and employees, each one becomes more resilient, has less employee turnover and maintains a focus on continuous improvement.


What is B Corp Month?


With many thousands of B Corps around the globe, March is a time to celebrate all the amazing work these businesses are doing. During B Corp Month 2023, the focus is on the We Go Beyond campaign. It aims to promote those who are transforming the way we work. B Lab Switzerland is celebrating B Corps that are a force for good, putting people and the planet first.


By promoting their decision to become certified, B Corps around the world will use March 2023 to encourage others to work in a similar way. As well as asking businesses to join the movement, they seek policy change at the EU parliament. Whilst it is an extremely positive step that so many businesses choose to work ethically, more can be done. By campaigning for ALL businesses to have to behave with transparency, purpose and accountability, B Corps hope to reset the way society works.


B lab Switzerland has even created a barometer of sustainable leadership. Their questionnaire evaluates leadership on both a national and an individual level.  With 18 questions, it looks at:


  • Values and beliefs
  • leadership within your organisation
  • How your sustainable leadership fits with society as a whole and your external stakeholders


Additional questions ask about your sector and experience.


About Thomson & Scott Noughty


Of course, I can't let B Corp month pass without celebrating some of my fabulous suppliers. The first is the brand that showed me how alcohol-free drinks can be fun and luxurious!


After many sober-curious months of trying out a variety of sweet tasting drinks and slightly weak herbal infusions, I finally discovered a drink that was a genuine alcohol-free alternative to a glass of champagne. That was, you've guessed it, Noughty alcohol-free Chardonnay. Back then, I had no idea that there was so much more to Thomson & Scott than creating delicious beverages.


Having been raised on a plant-based diet without sugar as a child, Amanda Thomson knows more than most about what goes into our food and drinks. Her wines are not only alcohol free. They are also vegan, halal, organic and low in sugar.


For me, the low-sugar quality of Noughty alcohol-free wines was a game-changer. Not just because this made them healthier. Where other manufacturers use sugar to cover up taste discrepancies, Thomson & Scott don't need to. By keeping their drinks low in sugar, they open up the possibility of dealcoholized wines tasting just like their alcoholic counterparts.


As you might expect, Thomson & Scott is rapidly becoming world renowned. Wine critics are singing its praises, including Jancis Robinson who has named Noughty "the best alternative to champagne".



About Feragaia


Feragaia is one of the most perfectly unusual spirits you will ever try. Why? Because it's unlike anything you have ever tasted before - a Scottish distilled spirit full of land and sea botanicals. Its depth of flavour and sophisticated after-burn is second to none. And yet it is completely free from alcohol. With zero sugar, this spectacular spirit is both gluten free and vegan. And of course, Feragaia is a certified B Corp.


The word Feragaia means "wild earth". Its founders, Jamie and Bill, aim to help drinkers to reconnect with themselves, each other and wild earth. Their social and environmental impact is important to them and they recognise that it is integral to the viability of their business in the long term. They strive to restore and protect wild earth and have a net positive impact on it.


Bottle of Feragaia alcohol free distilled spirit made by a certified B corp displayed beside a fire outdoors resting on green moss with rocks in the background


As per their B corp certification, Feragaia put people and the planet before profit. At their board meetings, they discuss their annual social and environmental outcomes. They use their platform to spread awareness of charities and organisations that positively influence social change. Additionally, they offer financial support to charities and environmental groups. Their manufacturing process is free from chemicals, low impact and everything is composted at the end of the process. I could go on and on about the positive policies put in place by Feragaia, but if you want to know more, you can head over to their website.


About Pentire


As a clear, distilled botanical spirit, you may be surprised that Pentire contains no juniper or alcohol. Instead, it takes its distinctive flavours from plants found on the headlands of North Cornwall. Founded to celebrate outdoor living and an active lifestyle, Pentire captures the essence of the Swiss ethos on life. 


As care for the environment is at the heart of their brand, becoming a certified B corporation was a natural choice for Pentire. With their impact in mind at all times, they seek to minimise their environmental footprint and champion sustainability and change. All ingredients are responsibly sourced, where possibly they are organic and fair trade. The botanicals in Pentire have natural health benefits, including omega 3, carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamins and antioxidants.


Bottle of alcohol free Pentire seaward on a wooden table beside a clear, sparkling drink containing a slice of lemon and a sprig of rosemary


Using plastic-free packaging and a water-free printing process, Pentire seeks to raise the bar for environmental standards in the printing industry. Every delivery is offset using the carbon neutral DPD fleet. Pentire donate a percentage of their monthly sales to charities protecting the oceans and the environment and regularly look for new projects to support.