Noughty APRTF is a hit with the FoodHack Community, Zurich

Wouldn't it be great to have a fine beverage alternative that championed wellbeing and made everyone part of the party? 

VE Refinery had the chance to share  the finest of alcohol-free with the FoodHack Community at this weeks FoodHack Meetup in Zurich. This on-site event saw the gathering of food and drink entrepreneurs and guest speakers and offered alcohol-free curious consumers a chance to taste some of the best of alcohol-free, including Thomson & Scott Noughty, and the new APRTF bitter aperitif, just days before it's official launch in Switzerland.

Our team was eager to learn more about the amazing journey of other Swiss food and beverage organisations that are making an impact, particularly in the up-cycling space. Spirits were high, and the alcohol content was zero (terrible joke we know!). Check out our recipe blog and discover our new Spritz alternative serve: Noughty APRTF, which was a hit with our thirsty friends at the FoodHack Meet Up. 


Thomson & Scott NOUGHTY - Celebrate anything Noughty. 

Noughty alcohol free (0.0%), organic, vegan, sparkling wines have been gently dealcoholised to retain the rich flavour of these beautifully crafted bottles. 

Alcohol-Free I Low Sugar I Organic I Vegan I Gluten-Free I B Corporation.

APRTF - Welcome to a new way of drinking.

APRTF alcohol-free is a balanced and beautifully bitter 0.0% alcohol aperitif. Simply pair with a tonic, soda or a delicious Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling for the perfect non-alcoholic Spritz. Don’t forget the orange slice!  APRTF is a natural and healthier option with 1.4g of sugar and just 10 kcal per 50ml.

Alcohol-Free I Low Sugar I Vegan Friendly I Gluten-Free