Noughty Still Rosé and Blanc Launch in Switzerland

Wine fans will be delighted to hear that Thomson & Scott Noughty are expanding their range here in Switzerland. We are now stocking dealcoholized rosé and dealcoholized blanc. Both are still wines, completing our offering of Noughty alcohol-free drinks along with their counterparts rouge, organic sparkling rosé and organic sparkling chardonnay. We take a look at these two new products, the range as a whole and how Noughty non-alcoholic wines are changing the way we drink here in Switzerland. 


Bottles of Thomson & Scott Noughty dealcoholized rosé and dealcoholized blanc displayed on a rock below a sunset pink sky



Noughty Still Blanc


This delicious still Chenin Chardonnay was crafted in South Africa. Created from grapes grown in dry-land vineyards in the Western Cape, this wine composes 55% Chenin blanc and 45% Chardonnay grapes.


Strategically placed vineyards are planted on slopes that face south-west. This allows them to capture a cool breeze blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean as well as the cold Benguela current. These conditions combined with well-draining, clay rich soil made from decomposed granite give the grapes a distinctive unique flavour. 


Once picked, the Chenin and Chardonnay grapes are fermented at 14-15 degrees for 14 days. Reductive handling locks in fruitiness and prevents oxidation and the wine is then left on lees for two months to increase complexity.


As with all Thomson & Scott Noughty wines, customers can rest assured that the careful dealcoholization process allows the preservation of flavour, colour and body. Dealcoholized blanc is gently spun using cone technology under vacuum at low temperatures. At the end of the process, this 0.5% ABV wine tastes every bit as good as its alcoholic counterpart.



Bottle of Thomson &Scott Noughty dealcoholized blanc displayed beside two glasses of the same on a beige table with beige background



Serving suggestion


To make a long drink for summer evenings, you can't go far wrong with a white wine spritzer. Simply chill your Noughty dealcoholized blanc in the fridge for half an hour, then pour it into a long glass with ice, filling to just above halfway. Top up with sparkling soda water to taste before garnishing with a slice of fresh lemon to serve. Prefer a sweeter drink? Top up with lemonade instead of soda water.


If you are wondering what food to pair this wine with, simply treat it as a regular white wine. After all, the flavour is just the same. Think light fish dishes, Thai curries and goats cheese tart. Try to avoid overpowering flavours such as strong blue cheeses.


Noughty Non-Alcoholic Rosé


This provençal-style South African rosé contains less than 0.5% ABV. Like the dealcoholized blanc, Noughty's rosé is produced from the grapes of dry-land farmed vineyards in the Western Cape. Expect maximum flavour and fruitiness due to the careful removal of alcohol that doesn't distort the wine's taste.


Noughty dealcoholized rosé incorporates some colour from grape skins. But like all rosés, skin inclusion isn't sufficient to produce the depth of colour you would expect from red wine. This is achieved using a shorter fermentation process, allowing it to develop its classic pink colour.


Like any good-quality rosé, you'll experience fruity notes balanced with good acidity. Did you know that rosé has certain health benefits? It is thought to provide antioxidants, reduce cholesterol and even lower cancer risk. Yet even with alcohol, rosé is a lower calorie alternative to other beverages. At just 14 calories per 100 ml and only 2.5 grams of residual sugar, this is a healthier alternative to a regular glass of wine.



Bottle of Noughty dealcoholized rosé displayed next to a wine glass of the same with sparkling lights



Serving suggestion


There is a good chance you'll want to simply enjoy this dealcoholized rosé as it comes. After all, you have probably been waiting a while for an alcohol-free still rosé to land in Switzerland, I know I have! But if you do want to use it as a cocktail base, allow me to suggest something super simple.


Rosé lemonade is a simple but effective long drink. Grab a tall glass and pop in three ice cubes and three frozen raspberries. Fill to halfway with rosé and top up with lemonade to taste. Whilst it's always best to use your favourite lemonade, this easy rosé cocktail does taste particularly good made with a citrussy lemonade like Elmer Citro. Don't forget to garnish with a slice of lemon before serving.


In terms of food pairings, treat Noughty dealcoholized rosé as you would any other rosé. Think soft cheese, hummus, flatbreads and charcuterie boards. Mild, creamy curries go well with this too. If you're eating it with dessert, think summer fruits or anything chocolatey.


The Noughty range of dealcoholized wines in Switzerland


The introduction of Noughty dealcoholized blanc and rosé completes the collection of Thomson & Scott's wines in Switzerland. Now available to purchase from the VE Refinery website are:



Purchase options include a Thomson & Scott Noughty dealcoholized wine bundle. This includes one bottle of each of their wines, allowing you to try them all before settling on a favourite.


What's so special about Thomson & Scott Noughty wines? 


If you have tried alcohol-free wine in the past, you probably had the same reaction as me. Some of them are fairly decent in their own right, but they don't constitute a good replacement for a bottle of your favourite tipple. Some are too sweet, others have had the flavour removed along with the alcohol. And that is where Thomson & Scott Noughty is different.  

This entire range of wines is changing the way Switzerland drinks. For most of us, enjoying a glass of something decadent of an evening isn't about the alcohol. We simply love the taste and the fact that the drink is alcoholic is a rather unfortunate side issue. Sometimes, it's not a problem. Feeling a little groggy the next day can be overcome with a lie in and a strong coffee.  

Most of the time though, that's simply not the Swiss way. We are a nation of active, outdoorsy types who love to be on the go. Waking up with a hangover simply isn't conducive to our collective lifestyle. That's where Noughty wines come in. You can consume a glass of your favourite wine of an evening and still be up early and raring to go for an active adventure.  

Is it any wonder that Switzerland is embracing these game-changing drinks?