The REAL Wild Eve Non-Alcoholic Aperitif I Mix & Serve Kit

  • CHF 54.90

Transform your aperitif with The REAL Wild Eve Non-Alcoholic Aperitif kit, an extraordinary alcohol-free spirit meticulously produced on the Isle of Harris, Scotland and served with the healthy and complex REAL Drinks Fermented Sparkling Tea. This whole plant concoction, bursting with live cultures is more than a drink – it's a mood-enhancing celebration. Crafted in tiny batches of 30 bottles, Wild Eve stands out as a satisfying, complex, and utterly delicious beverage.

What's Included:

  • 1 X Wild Eve (50cl)
  • 1 X REAL Dry Dragon Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Tea (750ml)

Wild Eve Highlights:

  • Ingredients: Herbs and adaptogens that relax the mind and body. Topped off with health promoting live cultures found in our exquisite Dragonwell fermented sparkling tea. 
  • Experience: Engaging, full-bodied, and uniquely satisfying.
  • Craftsmanship: Sustainably sourced and made by hand in tiny batches of 30 bottles. 

Now, complement the unparalleled Wild Eve experience with the REAL alternative to traditional sparkling wine – Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea by REAL Drinks.

More About REAL Drinks Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea:

The REAL Alternative:

  • Exceptional fermented Sparkling Tea crafted from pan-fired Dragonwell green tea.
  • Meticulous fermentation process for a burst of flavour and complexity.

Tasting Notes:

  • Aroma: Light and crisp with hints of honeydew melon and delicate leafy undertones.
  • Palate: Dry and refreshing, revealing sweet lemons, grapefruit, and a gentle, nutty finish.

Versatility: Whether you're celebrating a special moment or enjoying a laid-back day, The REAL Wild Eve Aperitif with Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea is your passport to indulgence.

Don't settle for ordinary – embrace a REAL Wild Evening in every sip.

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Why did you create VE Refinery?
On a sober curious quest to find a flavoursome, alcohol free, adult experience our founder, Victoria was left feeling uninspired by the lack of sophisticated options, so she decided to do something about it! VE Refinery was established to bring the full flavoured exuberance of the worlds best alcohol free beverages to the Swiss table. VE Refinery is not an anti-alcohol movement. We're here to change attitudes towards socialising and celebration by offering elegant alcohol free alternative with zero compromise on taste, and therefore establish a new equilibrium.

Will VE Refinery be offering other alcohol free products?
Yes indeed! In addition to expanding our alcohol free NOUGHTY range with a still NOUGHTY ROUGE, ROSÉ and BLANC in the coming months, we'll be introducing a range of other non-alcoholic beverages, all with the same brand values and promise. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when our new bottles drop (not literally!)

Does VE Refinery deliver outside of Switzerland?
Currently VE Refinery is serving the Swiss market exclusively. We do not deliver outside of Switzerland.

I am vegan All alcohol-free products contained within this bundle are free from any animal products or derivatives and that also includes the bottle, label and adhesive.

I am gluten free All products included in this bundle do not contain gluten

I'm the designated driver All products included in this bundle are alcohol-free (0%).

I am pregnant or breastfeeding All products included in this bundle are alcohol-free (0%)

I am in recovery from alcohol addiction Although all products included in tehis bundle are alcohol-free (0.0%) if you're looking to avoid alcohol for dependency reasons, or because you're concerned about possible relapse these products may not be for you. Please consult a clinical professional before purchasing this bundle.