Thomson & Scott Noughty Dealcoholized Rouge 750ml

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Noughty Rouge has been dealcoholized to less than 0.5% ABV and yet retains the rich flavour of this beautifully crafted bottle.

With just 14 calories per glass and only 2.5g of sugar per 100ml, Noughty Rouge non-alcoholic red wine is the perfect alternative to your usual alcoholic red wine.

The bottle contains less than 150mg per litre of sulphites and is gluten free.

Customer Reviews

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Stephan Schneider
Saurer Wein

Ich habe den Rotwein an Weihnachten meinen Gästen zum Degustieren vorgeschlagen. Welch eine Blamage! Der Wein war so sauer, dass er ungeniessbar war.

Lieber Stephan,

ich entschuldige mich aufrichtig für die enttäuschende Erfahrung, die Sie während Ihrer Weihnachtsverkostung mit unserem Thomson and Scott Dealcoholized Rouge gemacht haben. Es ist entmutigend zu hören, dass der Wein zu sauer war, um ihn zu genießen, und ich schätze Ihre Ehrlichkeit, mit der Sie uns Ihre Gedanken mitgeteilt haben, sehr.

Ich möchte Ihnen versichern, dass wir das Feedback unserer Kunden ernst nehmen und entschuldigen uns für etwaige Unannehmlichkeiten, die Ihnen während Ihrer festlichen Feier entstanden sein könnten.

Ich möchte etwas Licht auf unseren Noughty Rouge werfen und betonen, dass er in seiner Kategorie Anerkennung und Auszeichnungen als bester alkoholfreier Rotwein erhalten hat. Dies ist ein Beweis für die Anstrengungen, die wir unternommen haben, um ein Produkt zu schaffen, das sich vom Markt abhebt. Darüber hinaus möchte ich hervorheben, dass alle Noughty-Weine, einschließlich des Rouge, frei von Zusatzstoffen, einschließlich zugesetztem Zucker, sind. Auf dieses Bekenntnis zu Reinheit und Qualität sind wir stolz.

Mir ist aufgefallen, dass Sie auch den Noughty Blanc gekauft haben, und ich hoffe aufrichtig, dass er Ihnen und Ihren Gästen ein angenehmeres Geschmackserlebnis bietet. Jeder unserer Weine hat seine einzigartigen Eigenschaften und ich freue mich über Ihre Bereitschaft, unser Sortiment zu erkunden.

Wenn es etwas Bestimmtes an der Noughty Blanc gibt, das Ihren Vorlieben entspricht, würde ich gerne mehr erfahren. Ihre Erkenntnisse sind für uns von unschätzbarem Wert, da wir ständig bestrebt sind, unsere Angebote zu verbessern und zu verfeinern.

Ich wünsche Ihnen eine wunderschöne und freudige Weihnachtszeit.

Beste grüße,

Das VE Refinery Team


Vintage: Non-Vintage


Rouge 100% Syrah

Blanc 55% Chenin Blanc and 45% Chardonnay

Rosé 98% Chenin Blanc and 2% Pinotage

Vineyards: Produced using grapes harvested from dry-land farmed vineyards in the Western Cape region. The vineyards are strategically planted on south-west facing slopes to capture cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean and cold Benguela current. Deep soils from decomposed granite, clay rich, with good drainage.

Winemaking Rouge: Dealcoholized to 0.5% ABV using a gently spun cone technology under vacuum and at low temperature to ensure that the wine retains its distinctive body, colour and flavour.

Winemaking Blanc and Rosé: With 14 days fermentation at 14-15°C, the grapes and juice are handled reductively to prevent oxidation and lock in fruitiness. The wine is left on lees for 2 months to add complexity. The wine is then dealcoholized by way of a gently spun cone technology. This is done under vacuum and at low temperature to ensure that the wine retains its distinctive body, colour and flavour.

Tasting Notes: 

Noughty Rouge is a deliciously well-balanced red wine that is deep ruby red in colour with hints of ripe red fruit, crushed black pepper, dried rose petal and candied cherries integrated with French oak tannins.

Noughty Blanc has notes of yellow apple, lime and chamomile are present on the nose, with aromas of honeysuckle, citrus fruit and jasmine on the palate.Elegant balance of acidity and fruitiness.

Noughty Rosé is a Provence style rosé with ripe summer berries, giving way to fresh and peachy aromas and a balanced palate with a lingering finish.

Pairing: A great alternative to any elegant alcoholic wine to be paired accordingly.



Alcohol: Less than 0.5% Vol.
Residual Sugar: 2.5g/100ml
Kcal: 14/100ml
Sulphur Dioxide: Less than 150mg/l


Alcohol: Less than 0.5% Vol.
Residual Sugar:2.08g/100ml
Sulphur Dioxide: Less than 150mg/l


Alcohol: Less than 0.5% Vol.
Residual Sugar:2.8g/100ml
Sulphur Dioxide: Less than 150mg/l

Does NOUGHTY dealcoholized wines contain alcohol? Noughty dealcoholized wines have been dealcoholized to less than 0.5% ABV. NOUGHTY dealcoholized rouge, blanc and rose do not contain any additional sugars or artificial flavours or aromas.

How should NOUGHTY be enjoyed? We like our NOUGHTY dealcoholized wines served the modern way - chilled. Noughty dealcoholized wines are a great alternative to any elegant alcoholic wine to be paired accordingly.

Is NOUGHTY only available in 750ml bottles? Yes, NOUGHTY is only available in 750ml bottles.

Where can I buy NOUGHTY? Other than right here on the VE Refinery website, exclusive partners of Thomson & Scott NOUGHTY, we're currently working on ensuring the availability of NOUGHTY in your local bar, restaurant, hotel, spa, supermarket and more. If you're interested in becoming a stockist please send your inquiry to

Certified B Corporation

Thomson & Scott is B Corp certified because they believe in the importance of sustainability – making sure that from the moment their grapes leave the vineyards, every step is as environmentally conscious as possible - and so do we.

Truth & Transparency

Consumers need to know what they are consuming. As a company, Thomson & Scott is leading the way in demanding that the wine industry becomes more transparent about both its labelling and what goes into the bottle.

We deliver to Switzerland and Liechtenstein only and work with SwissPost VinoLog to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of our beautiful bottles. Standard SwissPost VinoLog delivery will reach your door in 2-3 days, often sooner. For orders above 30kg please contact our team for a bespoke quotation Standard SwissPost VinoLog rates are charged as follows:

<5kg - CHF 11.05

5 - 10kg - CHF 11.95

10 - 20 kg - CHF 16.50

20 - 30 kg - CHF 23.05

I am vegan, can I drink NOUGHTY Yes you can! NOUGHTY is vegan freindly and free from any animal products or derivatives. That also includes the bottle, label and adhesive.

I am gluten free, can I drink NOUGHTY? Yes you can! Noughty does not contain gluten.

I prefer organic products, is NOUGHTY organic? Noughty dealcoholized wines are not certified organic despite following an organic value chain. Noughty sparkling wines are certified organic.

I am Muslim, can I drink NOUGHTY? While Noughty dealcoholized wines are not halal certified it is however alcohol-free (dealcoholized to less than >0.5% ABV). That's less than bread, a ripe banana or orange juice. Noughty sparkling wines are certified halal.

I'm the designated driver, can I drink NOUGHTY? Yes you can! NOUGHTY is free of alcohol (0%) so you can drink NOUGHTY and drive too.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I drink NOUGHTY? Since NOUGHTY is alcohol free it is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women - we'll drink to that!

Is NOUGHTY suitable for those with an alcohol addiction or currently in recovery from alcohol addiction? NOUGHTY is an alcohol-free product (0%) but if you're looking to avoid alcohol for dependency reasons, or because you're concerned about possible relapse, NOUGHTY may not be for you. Please consult a clinical professional before buying NOUGHTY.

Is NOUGHTY suitable for children? Although NOUGHTY is an alcohol-free product (0%) we do not encourage its consumption by minors.

VE Refinery is committed to the environment and has partnered with Almighty Tree by donating 2% of profits in order to reduce and compensate our CO2 emissions focused on planting trees in Switzerland.

Almighty Tree is committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing our beautiful Swiss forests and their main mission is to raise awareness and provide solutions to reduce the impact of individuals and companies to build a better world and create the forests of the future. 

Why did you create VE Refinery?
On a sober curious quest to find a flavoursome, alcohol free, adult experience our founder, Victoria was left feeling uninspired by the lack of sophisticated options, so she decided to do something about it! VE Refinery was established to bring the finest of alcohol-free, to the Swiss table, with zero compromise on taste or style. Our thoughtfully crafted, adult, alcohol-free selection tastes good and does good. VE Refinery is not an anti-alcohol movement. We're here to change attitudes towards socialising and celebration by offering elegant alcohol free alternative with zero compromise on taste, and therefore establish a new equilibrium. Our carefully selected non-alcoholic beverages are best savoured slowly.

Will VE Refinery be offering other alcohol free products?
Yes indeed! In addition to expanding our alcohol free NOUGHTY range with a still NOUGHTY ROUGE, ROSÉ and BLANC in the coming months, we'll be introducing a range of other non-alcoholic beverages, all with the same brand values and promise. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when our new bottles drop (not literally!)

Does VE Refinery deliver outside of Switzerland?
Currently VE Refinery is serving the Swiss market exclusively. We do not deliver outside of Switzerland & Liechtenstein.