Wilfred's Aperitif - Bitter sweet alcohol-free Spritz

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Free from artificial flavours, sweeteners and colours, Wilfred’s is a carefully crafted blend of natural rosemary, bitter orange, rhubarb and clove to create an unusual but unmistakably delicious drink. Each of these ingredients makes the perfect garnish for non-alcoholic cocktail recipes. 

Wilfred’s 0% ABV is free from alcohol, allergens, artificial flavours, sweeteners, colours, and vegan-friendly for a naturally lower calorie aperitif.

Wilfred’s is best enjoyed over ice with premium tonic water for a vibrant and refreshing spritz.

  • 100% natural & gluten free
  • Residual Sugar: 5.25g/50ml
  • Kcal: 20 kcal/50ml

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Does Wilfred's Aperitif contain alcohol? Wilfred's Aperitif is alcohol-free 0.0%. Wilfred's Aperitif does not contain any additional sugars, artificial flavours or aromas. Wilfred's Aperitif is vegan friendly, gluten free and naturally low in sugar and calories. 

How should Wilfred's Aperitif be enjoyed? Wilfred’s Aperitif is best enjoyed over ice with premium tonic water for a vibrant and refreshing Spritz. If you're looking for a sumptuous non-alcoholic cocktail alternative check out our blog for a Wilfred's Aperitif recipe.

Is Wilfred's Aperitif only available in 50cl bottles? Yes, Wilfred's Aperitif is only available in 50cl bottles.

Where can I buy Wilfred's Aperitif? Other than right here on the VE Refinery website, exclusive partner of Wilfred's Aperitif, we're currently working on ensuring the availability of Wilfred's Aperitif in your local bar, restaurant, hotel, spa, supermarket and more. If you're interested in becoming a stockist please send your inquiry to

How many calories are there in a serving of Wilfred's Aperitif? Wilfred's Aperitif is a natural and healthier option with 5.25g of sugar and just 20 kcal per 50ml serving, the perfect aperitif with zero compromise on taste or style, and suited to any occasion.

A quest for the perfect Spritz.

As we became increasingly frustrated by the uninspired, overly sweet and usually unhealthy non-alcoholic options available, both at home and when out, we decided something had to be done. And so started our quest to reinvent a drink for the new era of drinkers, a drink that captured all the complexity of the greats but without the alcohol. We unwittingly found ourselves reinventing the spritz

It starts with innovation, and ends with great taste.

As an engineer and inventor with a passion for cocktails, our founder Chris Wilfred Hughes embarked on a journey of exploration and experimentation. Flavour, quality and complexity were of the utmost importance, and this mindset led Chris to over 18 months of experimentation and more than 100 unique recipes to get Wilfred’s just right for the perfect Spritz.

Nature in a bottle, made with Great British quality.

Inspired by his travels around the world, Chris sourced every botanical he could find, from rare Japanese hibiscus to the aromatic English rose. His journey eventually led him back home to the authentic flavours he associates most with London - freshly picked rosemary from his mother’s garden, and the bitter oranges in his father’s homemade marmalade.

Made in Britain with natural botanicals, 0% alcohol and only 21 calories per serving, Wilfred’s aperitif pairs impeccably with tonic over ice for a truly distinctive and irresistibly delicious Spritz.

It’s sunshine in a glass.

We deliver to Switzerland and Liechtenstein only and work with SwissPost VinoLog to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of our beautiful bottles. Standard SwissPost VinoLog delivery will reach your door in 2-3 days, often sooner. For orders above 30kg please contact our team for a bespoke quotation Standard SwissPost VinoLog rates are charged as follows:

<5kg - CHF 11.05

5 - 10kg - CHF 11.95

10 - 20 kg - CHF 16.50

20 - 30 kg - CHF 23.05

I am vegan, can I drink Wilfred's Aperitif?  Yes you can drink Wilfred's Aperitif in the knowledge that it is vegan friendly.

I am gluten free, can I drink Wilfred's Aperitif? Yes you can! Wilfred's Aperitif does not contain gluten.

I prefer organic products, is Wilfred's Aperitif organic? Wilfred's Aperitif is not certified organic unfortunately - I know we were bummed about that too!

I am Muslim, can I drink Wilfred's Aperitif? Yes you can! Wilfred's Aperitif contains 0.0% alcohol.

I'm the designated driver, can I drink Wilfred's Aperitif? Yes you can! Wilfred's Aperitif is free of alcohol (0.0%) so you can drink and drive too.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I drink Wilfred's Aperitif? If you are looking to avoid alcohol we're pleased to say that Wilfred's is completely alcohol-free. However if you have any concerns about consuming Wilfred's whilst pregnant we recommend consulting a medical professional. 

Is Wilfred's Aperitif suitable for those with an alcohol addiction or currently in recovery from alcohol addiction? Wilfred's Aperitif is an alcohol-free product (0.0%) but if you're looking to avoid alcohol for dependency reasons, or because you're concerned about possible relapse, Wilfred's Aperitif may not be for you. Please consult a clinical professional before buying Wilfred's.

VE Refinery is committed to the environment and has partnered with Almighty Tree by donating 2% of profits in order to reduce and compensate our CO2 emissions focused on planting trees in Switzerland.

Almighty Tree is committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing our beautiful Swiss forests and their main mission is to raise awareness and provide solutions to reduce the impact of individuals and companies to build a better world and create the forests of the future. 

Why did you create VE Refinery?
On a sober curious quest to find a flavoursome, alcohol free, adult experience our founder, Victoria was left feeling uninspired by the lack of sophisticated options, so she decided to do something about it! VE Refinery was established to bring the finest of alcohol-free, to the Swiss table, with zero compromise on taste or style. Our thoughtfully crafted, adult, alcohol-free selection tastes good and does good. VE Refinery is not an anti-alcohol movement. We're here to change attitudes towards socialising and celebration by offering elegant alcohol free alternative with zero compromise on taste, and therefore establish a new equilibrium. Our carefully selected non-alcoholic beverages are best savoured slowly.

Will VE Refinery be offering other alcohol free products?
Yes indeed! In addition to expanding our alcohol free NOUGHTY range with a still NOUGHTY ROUGE, ROSÉ and BLANC in the coming months, we'll be introducing a range of other non-alcoholic beverages, all with the same brand values and promise. Sign up to our newsletter to find out when our new bottles drop (not literally!)

Does VE Refinery deliver outside of Switzerland?
Currently VE Refinery is serving the Swiss market exclusively. We do not deliver outside of Switzerland & Liechtenstein.