Alcohol-free Noughty Champagne alternative served at Vegan community gathering, Enzian Vegan, Zurich

More and more people around the world are developing a preference for plant-based food. And Switzerland is catching up fast on this trend with a wide range of compelling places offering vegan food choices and mushrooming startups entering the market with new and innovative vegan food alternatives.  

Lifestyle magazine V-Land Europe , gathered a group of role models and vegan influencers at Enzian Vegan, Zurich, to discuss the latest trends within the Swiss vegan community. Among them were health-conscious  individuals like Vegiboss, Vegiworld, CentralVegetale, Choricho, Hof- Narren, Pakka AG, KIG New Roots AG, Graingrow GmbH, VeggieBoss, Swissveg and Beyondanimal  who had a lot to share at one of the first Swiss vegan community events after the pandemic. 

In line with the vegan concept was not only the delicious plant-based food but also an offering of a chilled glass (or two) of alcohol-free organic and vegan Noughty sparkling wines from Thomson & Scott, London. This 0.00% alcohol fine wine alternative stood proud next to it’s alcoholic and vegan counterparts and guests were delighted with its true wine taste. Since its production follows the same vinification steps as any alcoholic wine, only ending with a process in which the alcohol content is entirely removed through vacuum distillation, this ensures no compromise on the taste. VE Refinery’s adult non alcoholic alternatives provided a perfect roundoff for this inspiring evening.

A big thanks to V-Land Europe and Enzian Vegan who made this event possible.

Thomson & Scott Noughty is a company that fulfils the highest standards for socially approved and ecological services, public transparency and legal responsibility and VE Refinery is proud to represent them in Switzerland. Their alcohol-free adult beverages are available at various stores in Switzerland and can be purchased online at

We are looking forward to more vegan events this year. Stay tuned and keep following the blog from VE-Refinery to find out more.