| Victoria Banaszak

The Washington Post's Guide to Alcohol-Free Travel Suggests Noughty

For many, travel is an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy a glass of their favourite tipple. But things are changing, accelerated by global events in the last two years. After the pandemic, many are saying no to alcohol and are opting for a sober experience. A June poll in the New York Times by branded research, found that 29% of people out of 23,000 surveyed planned to go on a trip sans alcohol. Several travel agencies, such as Sober Vacations international and Travel Sober, reported a 2.5% growth in their sales compared to before the pandemic. 


For some, it can prove difficult to resist the temptation of alcohol during travels. The Washington Post has shared an article stating some valuable tips and tricks that one can use while travelling “Dry”. 

The first tips suggest picking an alternate drink for your flight. Pick anything from a soda to a bottle of non-alcoholic wine that best suits your tastet. The second tip is to stick to your routine on arrival. Devote your mind to regular exercise and invest more time in public spots. Learn about non-alcoholic wines and beers before you hit the town so you know exactly what to order. Maria Bastasch, the founder of DiscoMary, suggested some of her favourite alcohol-free wines and beers for those who are looking for suggestions. Spiritless’s bourbon alternative, Noughty’s alcohol-free sparkling rosé, which is organic and vegan, and nonalcoholic beer from Athletic Brewing Co is something she is fond of. 

The last tip is to find a meeting in the city or go on a cruise tour which is calm and soothing. Jilian Barkley, the founder of Soft Spirits, says that people's decision not to drink and how they achieve this target is a very personal affair. These tips and tricks can come in handy.