| Victoria Banaszak

An Author's Recommended Non-alcoholic Paradise

A new book by Derek Brown, Mindful Mixology, is a book that has 60 delicious recipes to make cocktails using No and-Low Alcohol. Derek Brown himself is a mindful drinker who had cut down on alcohol when his son was born. Alcohol is indeed a good source for socializing, but it is also true that regular alcohol consumption brings many health issues. 

Derek wanted to use his knowledge of spirits and alcohol positively and mindfully after cutting down on alcohol. As a bartender and bar owner, he always received complaints that his sober friends were never satisfied with the non-alcoholic drinks. As the drinks served to them lacked that taste of alcohol. He says making satisfactory cocktails is much more complex than removing alcohol from beverages. 

Creating these drinks is not an easy task. Nonalcoholic wines and beers still need to have a lot of extra flavours to be added to them to make them delicious. Every producer and manufacturer of alcohol-free wine cannot master this craft, barring a few. He points out that Thomson & Scott Noughty's alcohol-free wines are some of the best wine without alcohol that do not need extra flavouring. 

Noughty non-alcoholic wines are perfect as it is. They are bubbly, fizzy, and perfectly balanced. With less sugar and low calories, a glass of this healthy non-alcoholic wine is perfect to celebrate any evening. Derek Brown is in awe of this latest creation and recommends everyone to try this wine in this new book.