| Victoria Banaszak

The Washington Post Includes Noughty in Top Alcohol-Free Drinks List

The new wave of lifestyle changes has brought a paradigm shift in people's lives. Non-alcoholic habits have created a demand for alcohol-free drinks. M.Carrie Allen writes in the Washington Post about just how Good Zero-proof drinks are, and not just for Dry January.

Traditionally non-alcoholic wines, spirits, and beers are “bland”. Says M.Carrie Allen. They have to be combined with alternate syrups to make a tasty cocktail. Allen says she once tried a non-alcoholic cocktail that blasted into her nose and throat like a freight train. The cocktail had no sweetness whatsoever and resulted in poor results. She mentions that for alcohol-free wine and spirits makers, the most challenging part is to make them taste tasty. According to her, no-booze drinks are new, and people have had a hard time adjusting to them. 

Derek Brown, the author of Mindful mixology, has suggested 60 recipes with no and low alcohol drinks. He says people need a new perspective when trying this new market. It's no secret that some people stopped drinking because of health issues, and Marketing these non-alcoholic wines and liquors which are loaded with sugar to them is not a smart move. If your looking for an alcohol-free suggestion that’s also low in sugar, look no further! Our list of 15 sparkling summer cocktails are ready to be downloaded for free.

Allen mentioned her list of alcohol-free wines and beers, which she finds interesting and worth a try. She recommends Thomson & Scott Noughty alcohol-free wines, which as compared to other drinks, have low sugar levels.