| Victoria Banaszak

Vogue releases its list of the best 20 non-alcoholic drinks

Since the pandemic, the non-alcohol drinks business is booming. People are quitting drinking and many have made significant  lifestyle changes. As per the reports by Alcohol Change, the number of participants for Jan 2022 has doubled from Jan 2021. 6.5 million people registered for Dry January this year. But Dry January is not the only reason left to shift to non-alcoholic drinks. 

Earlier the producers of non-alcoholic wines poured tons of sugar in their mix to compensate for the lack of flavour but not anymore. Produces and manufacturers have mastered this craft of creating tasty, bubbly alcohol-free wines with less sugar and calories. One such brand is Thomson & Scott’s Noughty alcohol-free wines. These wines are made using a vacuum distillation process and thus have less sugar and calories and taste divine. 

Whether you are quitting alcohol for Dry January or any other health reasons, the British vogue picks out the top non-alcohol brands for you:


  1. Pentire
  2. Thomson & Scott
  3. French Bloom
  4. Feragaia
  5. Everleaf
  6. Seedlip
  7. Belle & Co
  8. Guinness
  9. CleanCo
  10. Bax Botanics
  11. Lyre’s
  12. Kopparberg
  13. Gordon’s
  14. Leitz
  15. The London Essence Company
  16. Eisberg
  17. Marks & Spencer
  18. Ceder’s
  19. Fluère
  20. Stryyk


All these non-alcoholic wines are the perfect substitutes for any alcoholic beverages. These drinks are perfect to enjoy as it is or can be used as mixers to create concoctions of cocktails. If you’re looking for some mocktail inspiration check out our FREE eBook here