How to preserve an opened bottle of alcohol free sparkling wine?

There is something about bubbles that screams celebration. New Year’s Eve, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, getting your dream job, you name it it’s not really a party until you hear that “pop”! One of the good things about non alcoholic sparkling wines is that we can celebrate and drink them everyday! How wonderful is that! How to preserve sparkling wine 
How long does a bottle of alcohol-free sparkling wine last once opened?

But what happens when for one reason or another we don’t finish the bottle?  For how long does it last once opened?

You will be surprised to know that once you open it, your bottle has a shelf life of about 2-3 days and sometimes even more depending on the way your open bottle is stored. If it is not stored properly it’ll go flat, and it's lovely flavours and lively bubbles will disappear! So how do you keep it from losing those tantalising bubbles?  There are actually several ways to do it and not all of them require fancy wine gadgets.

Use an airtight Sparkling Wine stopper
Sparkling Wine corks are bigger and wider than still wine corks. They have to be like that in order to sustain the very strong pressure inside the bottle. Their size and shape make it very difficult to "re-cork" a Sparkling Wine bottle using the original cork. And if you thought you could use still wine corks  laying around in your kitchen, think again. Some might fit but the pressure from the CO2 that still remains in the liquid will pop it out after a little while. A Sparkling Wine stopper is a very efficient and cost effective solution. They are airtight and prevent the gas from escaping the wine. If you know you won’t be finishing the bottle clamp that stopper onto the bottle once you’re done pouring. There are many out there at various price ranges. Choose the one you like and keep those bubbles inside the bottle longer.
Use plastic (alternative) wrap and rubber band
If you don't have an airtight Sparkling Wine Stopper yet, wrap the top of the bottle with a bit of plastic (alternative) wrap and secure it tight with a rubber band. The wrap will be inflated from the CO2 and look like a small balloon but it will help keep most of the bubbles inside. It is not the most efficient way but it works if you know that you will be drinking the rest of the bottle the next day.


Keep your bottle extra cold

It may seem like common sense, but it bears repeating: keep your opened bottles of alcohol free sparkling wine in the fridge (not the freezer). After you have closed your open bottle with a stopper, place it in the fridge. At cold temperatures CO2  remains dissolved in the wine longer. The colder the liquid, the slower it releases CO2, which helps keep the bubbles right where you want them—in your bottle.

While some people swear by it, the spoon-in-the-bottle trick does not work. At least it has never worked for me. When I use an airtight stopper and put my unfinished bottle in the fridge, my leftover wine is always alive and bubbly!

Eat your bubbles!
If all fails, you can always use the leftover alcohol-free sparkling wine to make tasty Mocktails and other recipes that call for alcohol free sparkling wines. “NOUGHTYAF" Strawberry Pancakes anyone?
About the author: Maria Zioga is passionate about making wine accessible to everyone. She is the founder of Geneva Wine Society and organises fine wine and spirits tasting experiences and workshops for private and corporate clients in Geneva and online.