Your perfect summer drink. The NOUGHTY REBELS SUNDOWNER SPRITZ SET

We are in the middle of summer and the temperatures are high. The warm golden summer nights are inviting us to enjoy a refreshing and inviting aperitif with friends. 

But what if you don’t feel like drinking alcohol? 

Well, here is your solution! The team at VE Refinery got together with our rebellious pals at Rebles 0.0% to create this cheeky NOUGHTY REBELS SUNDOWNER SPRITZ SET for those special social summer nights. 

All it takes is a bottle of  REBELS 0.0% APRTF ALTERNATIVE (500m) and a bottle of NOUGHTY ALCOHOL FREE SPARKLING CHARDONNAY (750ml) to prepare this NON-ALCOHOLIC SPRITZ ALTERNATIVE, perfect for enjoying your apéro at the golden hour of the day. 

If you haven’t tried out this sexy summer drink, it's high time to do so before the beautiful summer season ends!

Gather together your NOUGHTY REBEL tribe and mix 5cl REBELS 0.0% APRTF ALTERNATIVE and 6cl NOUGHTY ALCOHOL FREE ORGANIC SPARKLING CHARDONNAY in an ice-filled glass. Add 3cl mineral water and decorate with a slice of orange. And voila! Your SPRITZ ALTERNATIVE is ready to enjoy! 

We wish you a refreshing Spritz o’clock! 

Find out more at Delivered to your front door within Switzerland!