| Victoria Banaszak

How To Set Up A Blind Alcohol-Free Wine Tasting At Home?

Have you ever hosted a blind wine tasting party? Don’t worry if this is your first time. This is an excellent way to entertain your guests and add some sparkle to your party. It’s also 100% inclusive: pregnant and breast feeding ladies, designated drivers, sober curious, abstainers and those that simply need no reason to switch out their alcoholic drink for a nonalcoholic option, we got you! You also do not have to be a wine expert - far from it!

So, what do you actually need to set up a blind alcohol-free wine tasting event at home? Let’s find out.



Blind tasting is when those involved are kept unaware of the identity of the wine and will taste the wine without any preconceptions in order to evaluate its origin, producer, vintage, color etc. But we like to keep things simple here! Our alcohol-free version is best used for parties or events, is similar to a quiz or a game, and participants must guess which type of wine they have tasted. You could organize prizes for the winner and some comical penalties for the runners-up, for an added thrill. 



You just need a few budget-friendly items (perhaps you can already find them in your home), including:

  • Two or more varieties of wine to be tasted
  • Glasses, the number of which is based on how many guests are expected.
  • Opaque materials such as aluminum foil, to cover the labels and build suspense
  • Markers, to number the bottles and keep track of the varieties of wine
  • A receptacle for the tasted wine, in the case that guests prefer to “spit”
  • Prizes, if you wish to reward the winner

Wine can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic; we prefer to advocate the inclusivity of alcohol-free wine (and because a “spit bucket” will not be necessary - no headaches in sight here!). You can find a selection of the best alcohol-free wines here at VE Refinery with zero compromise on taste or style. 



Having purchased the necessary items, all that remains is to make arrangements on the day of the event or party. Here is the procedure you can follow to host an enjoyable blind tasting. Food scout Richard Kägi has freed himself from never-ending wine discussions and suspicious rating systems” by always serving wine blind. You can read more about that here.

In order to maintain the enthusiasm of all guests equally, we offer great blind tasting options for guests who prefer not to consume alcohol and want to be part of the party too. Host an exciting and enjoyable blind tasting with the help of our phenomenal range of non-alcoholic wines. Stay away from overcomplicating the fun. Remember, first and foremost, wine should provide pleasure.