The Rise Of The Mocktail: A Fantastic And Unique Party Drink

Every party nowadays starts with a mouthwatering drink that is enticing and ambrosial; a party is not a party without a stylish range of drinks. Nowadays hosts are injecting delight into their gatherings with unique and up-to-date variations and creations of their favorite alcoholic tipple.

However, it’s widely known that not everyone drinks alcohol (for many and varied reasons that require zero explanation) and a simple soda or a juice can be deemed an inadequate alternative. Luckily, a wide range of alcohol-free drinks are increasing in availability today, including the “mocktail”.



Although we don’t love the name “mocktail” and prefer something stand alone and more thoughtful or creative for our choice of alcohol-free drinks, mocktails are generally known as hand crafted or mixed drinks that don't contain alcohol but have a wide variety of flavors and ingredients. Don’t forget the garnish! Mixing and preparing mocktails is identical to the process of making cocktails. There is a mixing of different juices, seltzers, and flavors, but unlike traditional cocktails, mocktails do not contain any alcohol. If you’re interested to find out more about the world of mocktails? Check out this post from BettyBossi.



Making an excellent mocktail can be just as challenging as making an excellent alcoholic drink. There are many non-alcoholic mixers that can be combined with juices, sodas, and infused waters, to create a great drink. Looking for inspiration? Head over to our VE Refinery mocktail recipe ebook and make your summer unforgettable.



Despite their fondness for cocktail taste and feel, many individuals are inclined to enjoy an alcohol-free alternative. Alcoholic consumption is often avoided for a number of reasons. One of the most prominent reasons is to avoid its effect on both mental and physical health. 

A mocktail as a presentable and delicious alternative to cocktails and can circumvent these possible reasons not to drink the alcoholic version. It is a specially crafted drink with a wide spectrum of flavors and can therefore appeal to any taste or style. Skillfully crafted mocktails have that special ability to impress your guests and even make you the star of the party.

Make your summer more exciting by downloading VE Refinery’s FREE Sparkling Mocktail Recipe ebook. Mocktails can be skillfully crafted using our award winning assortment of alcohol-free wines, which flawlessly remove alcohol with no compromise on taste or style and make EVERYONE part of the party.