"It's just one glass of wine. That can't be too bad, right?”

Wrong! Unless it's alcohol free wine of course! #verefinery

Perhaps, like me, you’re sometimes guilty of autopilot by ordering or reaching for the “usual” when socialising with friends or winding down after a busy day. Recent studies conducted by the University of Pennsylvania demonstrate that we may want to rethink our habitual drinking routine. It’s a well known fact that heavy alcohol consumption is harmful, but did you ever realise how little you need to consume to see a decrease in your brain volume? 

The studies mentioned above are questioning whether the way in which governments and society associate drinking and its impact on the brain are wrong.

These studies demonstrate that perhaps even the small increase in regular alcohol consumption such as moving from one daily unit of alcohol (approximately one beer, or half a glass of wine a day) to two units per day, has a comparable effect on the brain as ageing two years. The changes are similar to ageing 3.5 years when moving from two to three units. As the article demonstrates, the line is not linear but a pattern that worsens the more we drink. 

So next time you reach for that glass, maybe take a second to ask yourself: is it really worth it in the long run?

You can read the full article at here