VE Refinery's Almighty Partnership with Almighty Tree Switzerland 

VE Refinery is committed to the environment and has partnered with Almighty Tree by donating 2% of profits in order to reduce and compensate for our CO2 emissions by planting trees in Switzerland.

Seeking to design a sustainable future and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of our communities, this initiative focuses on the enhancement of our woodland heritage, as well as the development of our forests and biodiversity in Switzerland. 


What are the benefits of planting trees in Switzerland?

- Air filtration (CO2)

- Water filtration for our water table 

- Preservation and enrichment of biodiversity

- Regulation of the climate

- Well-being of the Swiss population, trees are anti-stress, several research and therapy promote the benefits on humans

- Support to local farmers and forest owners

Tell me more about Almighty Tree

Almighty Tree is committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing our beautiful Swiss forests.  In collaboration with forestry experts from several cantons in Switzerland, Almighty Tree focuses on reforestation and biodiversity preservation through several actions: planting new trees with a selection of species according to the region, needs and global warming; developing natural hedges for biodiversity; preserving habitat trees; and promoting agroforestry.

Their main mission is to raise awareness and provide solutions to reduce the impact of individuals and companies to build a better world and create the forests of the future. 


What are the goals of tree planting in Switzerland?: 

- Sustainable exploitation of the Swiss forests

- Planting following the decline of Spruce trees (bark beetle)

- Planting following the drought of beech and white fir trees

- Diversification of tree species in our forests due to climate change

- Creation of carbon sinks

Since 2020, more than 10’000 trees have been planted through the activities of Almighty Tree.


To find out more visit Almighty Tree: