Jelmoli Food Market Gets Noughty with Alcohol-Free Organic Sparkling

People in Switzerland curious about REALLY good nonalcoholic adult alternatives just got the chance to taste a refreshing glass of zero percent Noughty Non-Alcoholic Organic Sparkling Wine from Thomson & Scott Noughty

The free wine tasting event organised by the VE Refinery Team took place on 4th & 5th August at Jelmoli Food Markey in Zurich  ​​

Served from our beautiful ice cold bottles the tasting event was a huge hit and a glorious experience! It was attended by many sober curious customers who were experiencing the concept of Noughty alcohol free champagne and fine wine alternatives for the first time.

And the feedback was uplifting! Hearing comments like "I can't believe this has zero alcohol!" or "I totally didn't expect a non-alcoholic sparkling wine to actually be that delicious". it was confirmed once again, that this nonalcoholic beverage is capable of revolutionising an entire market. 

By Friday around 18:30 we served and sold all of our nonalcoholic sparkling wine stock. 

Wrapping up our experience we can certainly conclude that the trend of mindful drinking is slowly but surely finding its way to Switzerland and we are proud to play a great role in this movement for more conscious and healthy drinking choices. 

We are convinced that the carefully selected range from VE Refinery is taking the drinks space by storm and are highly motivated to continue our mission to increase the availability of delicious adult alcohol-free alternatives in Switzerland. 
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