| Victoria Banaszak

Noughty is the Non-Alc Sparkler the Wine Trade is Excited About


Today thousands of people, from teenagers to elders, have given up alcohol. People have changed their lifestyles, from eating a healthy diet to abstaining from alcohol and tobacco. No-Low shops are being opened all over the globe to cater to this growing market. A great example is Anya Hindmarch who collaborated with Dry drinkers to open an alcohol-free pop-up shop.

Here you can buy zero-ABV spirits, alcohol-free wines, beers, and kombuchas. The store is designed as a dreamy film set. My friends, and especially my children's generation, seem to be drinking less, according to Hindmarch. In Europe one in four people give up alcohol everyday, and it is very fashionable not to drink. Laura Willoughby, the owner of Club soda, says their customer base is quite diverse. They get people from all walks of life who have a reason to walk through their doors. From expecting parents to quitting alcohol to making changes in daily routine, there is a shift in people's habits towards mindful drinking. 

The rising demand for non-alcoholic wines can also be seen in America. As a non-alcohol specialist, Boisson has 5 shops across New York City, selling a wide range of alcohol-free drinks. Owner of the first alcohol-free bottle shop Sipple, Danny Frounfelkner, says most customers have questions and want guidance. 

Danny says wine is Sipple’s most demanded category, especially Noughty by Thomson and Scott, Surely, and SipClean. Alice Lascelles says Thomson & Scott Noughty sparkling wine is her favoUrite non-alcoholic wine. This non-alcoholic wine is vegan, organic, and halal-certified. Non-alcoholic wines and beers are expected to reach $1.6tn in the next three years, as people want something that makes them feel good.