Thomson & Scott Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine: Surprisingly Good Sober!

NoughtyAF was recently put to the taste test by “Victor’s Weinblog”, the independent blog of former wine journalist at Vinum and Divo, later a freelancer at "Alles über Wein" and also the copywriter of the first class Swissair wine list for 10 years.

Victor’s conclusion gave us another reason to pop our corks in celebration.

👉 The alcohol free trend continues to gain momentum. Surprisingly to Victor (but not to us) NoughtyAF was described as a real alternative.

👉 While initially sceptical due to previous unpleasant AF wine experiences, NoughtyAF proved to Victor that our alcohol-free wines could make you think differently.

👉 NoughtyAF sparkling wines are perfect for sitting back and relaxing, even when you don’t have to drive the car later ;-)

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