The REAL Drinks Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea's Launch in Switzerland

The REAL Alternative to Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Experience a new realm of flavour and sophistication with REAL Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea – the epitome of elegance without compromise. Crafted from the finest hand-picked loose-leaf teas and naturally fermented to perfection, these sparkling beverages offer all the depth, complexity, and allure of fine wines, minus the alcohol. Let's explore the remarkable offerings of REAL and unveil the magic behind their exceptional process.


Introducing REAL Peony Blush: A Rosé Sparkling Tea To Rosé All Day

Indulge in the exquisite REAL Peony Blush – a non-alcoholic Sparkling Tea meticulously crafted from White Peony tea, resulting in a symphony of flavours that rivals traditional rosé.

Delight in its fresh and light-bodied character with fruity notes that dance on the palate. Experience the subtleties of nougat and summer fruits, followed by a buttery, well-rounded essence that culminates in a delightful vanilla-oak finish.

This sparkling gem pairs seamlessly with seasoned meats, roasted vegetables, and fruity desserts, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.


Discover REAL Royal Flush: Sparkling Tea Fit for Royalty

REAL Royal Flush, made from first flush Darjeeling, the Queen of Tea, is a testament to the art of fermentation.

With a medium-bodied profile, it captivates the senses with fragrant notes of grape and stone fruits, exuding a fresh allure. The palate is treated to delicate acidity and white peach flavors, leading to a long, soft finish.

This sparkling companion is the perfect partner for white meats, fish, dishes with buttery sauces, or a delightful aperitif accompanied by charcuterie.


Unveiling the Uniqueness of REAL Dry Dragon: A Green Tea Elegance

Experience the zest of REAL Dry Dragon, a sparkling tea born from pan-fired Dragonwell green tea.

This light-bodied elixir entices with fragrances of lemon meringue, followed by chestnut and hay undertones. On the palate, delight in the essence of sweet lemons, culminating in a dry, chocolatey finish that lingers.

This sparkling tea complements shellfish, Pan-Asian dishes, and green vegetables, promising an unforgettable journey of flavors.


Behind The REAL Drinks Co: Redefining Beverage Excellence

The journey of REAL began with founder David's vision to offer a beverage that perfectly complemented meals, much like wine. After two years of dedicated experimentation, he perfected the art of fermentation and flavour profiles, leading to the birth of REAL. This unconventional approach continues to shape the brand, with a commitment to progress and perfection.

At the heart of REAL's creations are the world's finest loose-leaf teas, hand-picked and naturally fermented to deliver captivating liquids that transcend expectations. Nestled in The Fermentery at The Bail on the Waddesdon Estate, craftsmanship and science unite to craft beverages that defy norms. The result? A range of Sparkling Teas that evoke moments of celebration, without compromise.


The REAL Process: Where Science Meets Artistry

Every bottle of REAL Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea is a testament to meticulous care and innovation. The process begins with sourcing exceptional loose-leaf teas, each selected with the utmost scrutiny. This rigorous approach mirrors a winemaker's devotion to grape selection.

Carefully curated microorganisms play a pivotal role, contributing to flavour complexity and consistency. REAL challenges traditional fermentation norms, exploring new avenues to achieve flavours that rival the sophistication of fine wines.

Filtration, a cornerstone of refinement, is reimagined with every batch. REAL's dedication to perfection drives them to push the boundaries of clarity, ensuring each sip is an unparalleled experience.


Embrace the REAL Alternative: Elevate Every Moment

At REAL, life's moments are meant to be celebrated, both big and small. These moments deserve extraordinary drinks, even without the alcohol. REAL Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea stands as a testament to this philosophy, offering the world an alternative that captures the essence of elegance and flavour.

Celebrate the moments that matter with REAL, the true alternative to Champagne & Sparkling Wine. Experience the range at and join the movement of refined taste and joyful living.

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