What is Kombucha? REAL Drinks Naturally Fermented Sparkling Tea

In a world where taste, health, and innovation converge, there emerges a drink that tantalises the senses and piques curiosity - Kombucha. Often described as fermented tea, Kombucha transcends its humble origins to become a sophisticated beverage that resonates with health-conscious connoisseurs and culinary enthusiasts alike. As we delve into the captivating realm of Kombucha, we invite you to join us on a journey that uncovers the nuances, history, and transformative potential of this sparkling tea wonder.


A Taste of Tradition: Origins and Evolution

At its core, Kombucha is a fusion of tradition and transformation. Origin stories abound, from the mythological tales of emperors cherishing it as the "elixir of life" to the modern-day enthusiasts embracing its intricate flavours. However, what remains constant is Kombucha's foundation - fermented tea. This alchemical process involves a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, affectionately known as a SCOBY, transforming sweetened tea into a tangy, effervescent elixir.

In the realm of beverages, Kombucha is as versatile as it is enigmatic. While some relish its potential gut health benefits, others are drawn to its multifaceted taste profile. As Kombucha evolves, so does its interpretation in the hands of innovators like the REAL Drinks Co., who have crafted a sparkling tea revolution that resonates with the sophistication of champagne and the allure of sparkling tea.


Kombucha: The REAL Sparkling Tea Experience

Within the exquisite realm of REAL Kombucha lies an embodiment of creativity and excellence. Embracing the art of fermentation, REAL Kombucha transforms hand-picked loose-leaf teas into a symphony of flavours that captivate the palates of renowned chefs and sommeliers. Heralded as the "kombucha wine," it stands as a testament to the convergence of innovation, craftsmanship, and taste.

REAL Kombucha isn't merely a beverage; it's an experience that challenges convention and elevates indulgence. In the world of non-alcoholic alternatives, it emerges as the perfect counterpart to champagne, embodying sophistication while remaining low in sugar and calories. The intricate dance of bubbles, the nuanced layers of flavours, and the transformative journey of fermentation unite to create a sparkling tea that's worthy of celebration.


Beyond the Glass: Unraveling Kombucha's Essence

What exactly is the essence of Kombucha? At its core, it's a fusion of nature's alchemy and human innovation. The fermentation process results in a drink that's subtly tart, with beneficial acids and vinegars lending depth to its flavour profile. While a trace of alcohol remains, it's a mere whisper, officially non-alcoholic and unlikely to affect your bloodstream. And as for sugar, only a hint lingers, ensuring it's a refreshing choice for those conscious of their wellness journey.

The taste of Kombucha, much like its origins, is diverse and intriguing. Some liken it to a light cider, while others curate it to match their unique preferences. REAL Kombucha has masterfully cultivated a flavour reminiscent of wine, complete with floral and fruity notes that harmonise with its natural acidity. This transformation allows Kombucha to transcend the glass and elevate the culinary landscape, as observed in its seamless food pairing potential.


The Craft of Creation: Brewing Kombucha's Alchemy

Brewing Kombucha is a blend of art and science, where a dash of patience and precision results in a symphony of flavours. The process, while seemingly simple, demands careful orchestration to unlock the extraordinary. Similar to brewing beer or wine, Kombucha requires meticulous management at every step, from scoby introduction to fermentation, nurturing its evolution into a beverage of distinction.

At the heart of REAL Kombucha's magic lies its bespoke brewery nestled in the Chiltern Hills. This sanctuary of fermentation pushes the boundaries of creation, guiding each batch toward excellence. Here, the convergence of tradition and innovation crafts a Kombucha that's more than a drink; it's a testament to dedication and refinement.


Unveiling the Unadulterated: The Art of NOT Flavouring

In a world of flavour innovation, REAL Kombucha takes a unique stance by refraining from flavouring its creations. Through meticulous fermentation and the use of premium loose-leaf teas, the drink is imbued with a symphony of tastes that require no augmentation. Each bottle of REAL Kombucha showcases a selection of flavours that cater to diverse occasions, free from the additives that sometimes permeate the market.

The journey to select the perfect teas involved exploring 150 different options, showcasing the intrinsic flavours locked within. This dedication led to the discovery of flavours that embrace various drinking moments, all rooted in the essence of fermented tea. REAL Kombucha invites you to experience pure authenticity - flavours untainted by unnecessary sugars, medicinal tones, or artificial additives.


Discovering the REAL Alternative to champagne and sparkling wine:

REAL Peony BlushA fine rosé sparkling tea, made using White Peony tea, naturally fermented to produce a non-alcoholic Sparkling Tea which is full of flavour and complexity. 

Fresh and light bodied. Fruity and bright on the nose with notes of nougat and summer fruits. Buttery and well-rounded on the palate with flavours of strawberry, cranberry and raspberry leading to a deeply complex vanilla-oak finish. Pairs perfectly with well seasoned meats, roasted vegetables or fruity desserts.

REAL Royal Flush: A fine sparkling tea, made using first flush Darjeeling, the Queen of Tea, fermented to produce a non-alcoholic sparkling tea which is full of flavour and complexity.

Fruity and medium bodied. Fragrant and fresh on the nose with notes of grape and stone fruits. Delicately acidic on the palate with flavours of white peach. A long, soft finish. Partners perfectly with white meats and fish, dishes with buttery white sauces, or as an aperitif with charcuterie.

REAL Dry Dragon: A fine Sparkling Tea, made using pan-fired Dragonwell green tea, fermented to produce a non-alcoholic Sparkling which is full of flavour and complexity. 

Zesty and light bodied. A fragrant hit of lemon meringue on the nose, leading to chestnut and hay. Fresh on the palate with flavours of sweet lemons and a dry, chocolatey finish. Partners perfectly with shellfish, Pan-Asian dishes and green vegetables.


Embracing Kombucha: A Journey of Discovery

For those asking, "What is Kombucha?" - the answer is a journey of personal discovery. It's an experience that transcends mere liquid to reveal a universe of tastes, traditions, and transformations. The enigma of Kombucha can be explored in just a click away for online enthusiasts here at 

As you uncork a bottle of Kombucha, envision a world where every sip resonates with history, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. Raise your glass to the sparkling tea renaissance, where Kombucha emerges as the true alternative, evoking the charm of champagne while embracing the essence of tea. Let Kombucha awaken your senses and spark a new era of celebration.