Tips To Celebrate An Alcohol-Free Wedding

Alcohol and open bars have often been a main attraction at weddings. However, many are becoming more meticulous about what they place on the menu, wine list and behind the bar for their wedding. A new focus on inclusion and moderation with the same dose of taste and style is growing in popularity. Let’s raise a toast to the non-alcoholic drink revolution!

Weddings are celebratory events, and the main attraction is often the open bars with their delectable selection of wines, rums, gins and cocktails. People have developed an uncanny awareness of what they view as “good” for their event and, what’s not. And that means that alcoholic beverages alone and open bars are no longer as appreciated by wedding parties as they once were.


Dark image of people's hands reaching into the centre of the table to touch glasses full of alcohol free sparkling chardonnay


Catering for an alcohol-free wedding


People want their wedding to be cherished. What they don't want are alcohol-induced, long, embarrassing speeches or blackouts. Perhaps this is a reason why there is a remarkable increase in the demand for fine alcohol-free wines for such occasions. Today, vendors and catering services offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages that will give you the same celebratory feel you get from alcohol, minus the embarrassment or hangovers.

You can easily cater a dry wedding by ordering organic, alcohol-free wines that are available in sparkling, still, low-sugar, vegan, and various taste profiles. In fact, you can get crafty, unique, non-alcoholic drinks with the same taste as their alcoholic counterparts. Wineries are also evolving with the vastly accepted trend of dry weddings, and because of that, they are offering a colourful menu of beverages without alcohol.


How to plan a successful alcohol-free wedding


To make a wedding fun and successful without alcohol, there are certain elements to it which you need to make sure are fulfilled. The guest list should be intimate and the environment of the event should be lively (so nothing different there from a normal alcohol induced wedding then!).

If you’re concerned about resistance, you could try to hold your wedding at a location that prohibits alcohol consumption. This will give you a valid excuse to have non-alcohol only. You can also direct your wedding planner to get wines with 0% alcohol and other 0% adult alternatives. 

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol isn’t the only way to enjoy events; it just happens to be what we have become accustomed to. To keep things enjoyable without alcohol, you can invite a band to play live at your wedding. Additionally, if you host your wedding during the day, it greatly reduces the temptation of alcohol and helps keep the event light and bright.


Wilfred's Aperitif served during daylight hours at an alcohol free wedding displayed against a white wall with plants growing up it in bright sunshine


Aim to create a unique ambiance


The main aim of hosting an alcohol-free wedding should be that you must be able to provide the ambiance expected of the couple and of the guests. The event should have all the elements in it that can make it lively. Alcohol-free beverages could be organic, sparkling and even vega. The ambiance upbeat; cosy or playful lights and themes will make it easier to avoid the temptation of alcohol.

Caterers and event management companies are also saying that because of the higher demand for alcohol-free weddings, they are now reverting back to the old way of hosting a wedding with the added twist of serving no alcohol. They have started looking for local and imported companies and vendors that are making alcohol-free white wine, sparkling wines and organic wines.


Add a non-alcoholic wine menu


People are now becoming more conscious of the detrimental effects of alcohol on their health. Post-pandemic, the consumption of alcohol has also dipped since people are skeptical about it's impact on the immune system. Wine companies offer a selection of diverse drinks that are alcohol-free, using fruits or fermented or preserved tropical produce.

There is certainly room for creativity and experimentation here. People prefer fruity, zingy, and sparkling cocktails that give them the same ambiance as an alcoholic beverage. You can also ask your bartender to make some good alcohol-free cocktails for your guests. Some people like to try different drinks, and having a variety of non-alcoholic cocktails on your menu can give them many options.


Selection of non-alcoholic wines displayed at an alcohol free wedding all leaning diagonally towards the right against a white background


Advantages of hosting an alcohol-free wedding


Besides saving your physical and mental energy, you can also save a lot of money by hosting an alcohol-free wedding. This doesn’t mean you get to offer water and orange juice to your guests all night, but it allows you to be crafty in the drink options you can provide.

A dry wedding gives you the advantage of exploring local wineries that can cater to your needs in an exceptional way. You can serve various drinks, from virgin margaritas to local cocktails, along with fresh pressed juices and vegan, red and white wines with 0% alcohol.

Besides alcohol-free weddings being a major trend, one of the main reasons behind people hosting a wedding without alcohol is that they don’t want to make the whole day to be centred around alcohol. That way they keep the vibe light and bright and memories of the day vivid for years to come. 

People who don’t drink alcohol or take a break are more inclined to attend an alcohol-free event. It enables people to avoid the traditional alcohol-induced mistakes that some have been known to make on their special day.


Final thoughts


To host a successful “dry” wedding, try to combine all the usual elements of entertainment that your guests might anticipate and give them the blast they never expected. Offering adult alcohol-free options at your wedding is about inclusion and balance. You and your wedding planner should think out of the box and take full advantage of all the local and international packages beverage companies are offering.