Hot Toddy: Alcohol Free With Feragaia

For many of us, giving up alcohol is a lifestyle choice. We tend to miss certain drinks due to their flavour or our associations between alcoholic drinks and good times. Other drinks walk across our minds at specific times due to the comfort they bring. Hot toddy definitely falls into that category. Whether or not you believe the old wives' tale that it relieves the symptoms of the common cold, you've probably consumed it as a warming, consoling beverage in the past. And whilst many of us like to cut back on alcohol, little reassurances are non-negotiable elements of self-care. So, it's time to introduce the alcohol-free hot toddy, made with Feragaia for a pleasant after-heat without the alcohol.


Why we love alcohol-free Hot Toddy with Feragaia


Whether it's a warming mug of steaming drink after a day on the slopes, or a reassuring sip when you're under the weather, we all have memories of a hot toddy. You might think that removing the whiskey would be detrimental to this classic hot cocktail, but you'd be wrong. That is, as long as you replace the whiskey with something that tastes even better.


Feragaia is an a distilled Scottish spirit made from botanicals of land and sea. Its name means Wild Earth, and it is produced from ingredients found in open countryside and windswept coastlines. Distilled, blended and then bottled in the Scottish Lowlands, Feragaia is amber in colour, much like the whiskey it replaces in this drink. Its flavour is one of clean complexity with the warming finish you look for in a hot toddy.


Consuming this hot toddy has the same impact as the classic in terms of comfort and reassurance. The only difference is that you keep a clear head so you can really appreciate your surroundings, both while you drink it and the next day.

Alcohol free hot toddy with Feragaia in an enamel mug garnished with an orange peel twist held in the hands of a person wearing a dark blue jumper with a light blue shirt cuff showing



What are the origins of Hot Toddy


Whilst something going back 100 years is generally considered old in cocktail terms, hot toddy really is a traditional drink that has been around for generations. In fact, the first recorded version of it dates back to the 1610s in India. At the time, it was referred to by a Hindi word, taddy. This meant a drink made from palm sap that had been fermented. From 1786, that had developed to mean a hot beverage containing liquor, sugar and spices.


From there, there are two conflicting stories of how the drink developed. The first is that  the British claimed the drink as their own, initially dranking simply scotch whiskey and hot water. Later on, trade routes between the UK and India allowed the Brits to get hold of exotic spices and these went into the hot toddy too.


The other version of events is that Robert Todd, an Irish doctor, told patients to drink hot sugar water, brandy and cinnamon. Whether one story is true or if a combination of both occurred, the drink made its way to America where rum and brandy were consumed hot with water and spices. A newspaper report in 1837 referred to the drink as a cure-all and recommended giving it to a child with a snuffle.


These days, there are many versions of the hot toddy containing various liquors and other ingredients. It has been flavoured with cranberry, grapefruit and of course ginger. We think you'll find this version containing ginger beer and Feragaia is one of the best you've tried.  


Bottle of alcohol free Feragaia next to a small fire set on a bed of moss with countryside in the background


Food pairings for alcohol free Hot Toddy with Feragaia.


Food pairings for the hot toddy can be based on various taste elements. This particular version of the popular beverage contains ginger beer, which goes well with strong, spicey food. We'll take a look at the best food pairings for non-alcoholic hot toddy with Feragaia.




  • Grilled halloumi with mint and lemon
  • Lemon and coriander hummus with vegetable sticks
  • Carrot and ginger soup







  • Mojito cheesecake - we know - pairing one cocktail with a dessert based on another is an unusual choice but it's the limes. Trust us on this one!
  • Selection of mature cheeses and crackers
  • Sticky ginger pudding


How to make alcohol-free Hot Toddy with Feragaia




  • 50 ml Feragaia
  • 100 ml ginger beer
  • 50 ml water


To Garnish:


  • Twist of orange




  1. Add 50ml Feragaia, 100ml ginger beer and 50ml water to a pan
  2. Gently heat
  3. When warm pour into enamel cup
  4. Garnish with an orange twist to serve


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