Pentire Adrift | Alcohol-Free Oat Fizz

Pentire Adrift alcohol-free oat fizz is a light-as-clouds twist on the New Orlean's Classic. You've heard of gin fizz, you've heard of New Orlean's fizz. Just wait until you try this. Oatly Barista creates a deliciously smooth, creamy base. We add either egg white or a vegan alternative along with tonic water for that spectacular frothy effect. Let's take a look at why we love this delicious oat fizz, the origins of the fizz, food pairings and of course that all-important recipe. 


Why we love Pentire Adrift alcohol-free oat fizz


Pentire Adrift alcohol-free oat fizz is the ultimate impressive cocktail. Whilst many of our non-alcoholic cocktails are simple, tasty affairs, this one brings a little extra pizazz. Whether you decide on the vegan version or opt to use egg white, you're going to love the froth, the smoothness as you sip it, and most of all the flavour.


Replacing gin with Pentire in your fizz adds something a little extra to the taste. Pentire's botanical non-alcoholic spirits are made by distilling plants found on the headlands of North Cornwall. Pentire's founders advocate healthy, active, outdoor living in keeping with the Swiss lifestyle. Their blends are herbaceous, crisp and fresh with notes of sage, citrus, sea salt and rock samphire.


This oat fizz contains Pentire Adrift, the original formula. Its key botanical is rock samphire which is rich in vitamins C, E and K as well as carotenoids, flavonoids and iodine. The drink also contains omega 3, fatty acids and antioxidants. Far from making you feel groggy like a regular cocktail, this one is actively good for you.


Pentire's distilled spirits are vegan, plant based and gluten free with no added sugar.


Male in a white shirt wearing a blue apron pictured from the chin down to the elbows behind a white table on which is a glass of Pentire adrift alcohol free oat fizz garnished with a mint leaf



What are the origins of the gin fizz?  


Known as both the gin fizz and the New Orleans gin fizz, this cocktail is said to be based on the Ramos Gin Fizz, created by Henry Ramos in 1888 in New Orleans. In time, those two drinks became separate.


These days, a Ramos Gin Fizz contains London Dry Gin, whilst a New Orleans Gin Fizz has Old Tom gin as its liquor base. The Ramos adds floral rose water along with vanilla essence, whilst the New Orleans sticks with syrups, lemon and lime juices and orange blossom or orange flower water. Each contains egg white or aquafaba, along with cream and soda.


Whilst new versions of the fizz pop up all the time, our Pentire Adrift alcohol-free oat fizz is the first to replace the gin with a vibrant new distilled spirit. If you're serving up gin fizz at a dinner party with Pentire fizz as the alcohol-free alternative, we need to issue you with a warning. You will undoubtedly find that some guests who are drinking will want to try the non-alcoholic version when they see how impressive it looks. Make sure you have enough ingredients to make more than you think you need. Because once they're tried this, there's no going back.


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Food pairings for Pentire Adrift alcohol-free oat fizz


If you're hosting a dinner party, this makes a great alcohol-free drink to serve. Better still, whether you're on starter, main or dessert, there are flavours that go brilliantly with this unusual beverage.    




  • Charcuterie board of Italian meats
  • Ginger prawns
  • Whole baked camembert with breads to dip




  • Gnocchi with parsley, butter and samphire
  • Smoked salmon and lemon risotto
  • Creamy garlic mushroom pasta





  • Passionfruit sorbet
  • Crème brulée
  • Lemon drizzle cake



How to make Pentire Adrift alcohol-free oat fizz




  • 50ml Pentire Adrift
  • 25ml fresh lemon juice
  • 20ml sugar syrup
  • 50ml Barrista Oatly
  • 1 egg white or vegan alternative such as aquafaba
  • Tonic water to top
  • Mint leaf


To Garnish:


  • Mint leaf
  • Nigella flower




  1. Pour all ingredients except for the tonic into a cocktail shaker filled with ice
  2. Shake hard for a couple of minutes
  3. Strain the cocktail
  4. Shake again without ice
  5. Strain the cocktail using a hawthorn strainer into your ceramic cup
  6. Wait for around 10 seconds for the foam to sit
  7. Top with a little tonic, the foam should rise in one solid column as the bubbles raise the foam.
  8. Garnish with a mint leaf to serve


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