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Are you trying to cut down on your alcohol consumption but being thwarted by the thought of a refreshing gin & tonic? Would a non-alcoholic alternative make it easier to make healthy choices? The Pentire Adrift and tonic is going to fill the hole in your life that has appeared since your favourite tipple was removed from the menu. You're still going to experience that bubbly, bitter-sweet taste of tonic. But now, it will be combined with a different distilled spirit.

Pentire Adrift is crisp, fresh and herbaceous with notes of citrus, sage, rock samphire and sea salt. In direct contrast to gin, this is actively good for you.  It is rich in vitamins C, E and K as well as flavonoids, carotenoids, iodine, omega 3, fatty acids and antioxidants. Ready to try it? Let's take a look at the origins of the G & T, why Pentire Adrift is a great option to replace the gin and what food pairings go well with this classic alcohol-free cocktail.


Origins of the Gin & Tonic


The history of combining this famous duo to create the drink we know and love today is rather poorly documented. A few anecdotal accounts exist, some claiming it originated in India, whilst others take the credit for Great Britain or France. In reality, the earliest documented sip of gin and tonic was detailed in the "Oriental Sporting Magazine" in 1868.


The fact this was an Anglo-Indian publication does nothing to clear up the question of where gin & tonic originated. However, it seems that by this time, the drink was well known in India and enjoyed for pleasure, rather than for the medicinal purposes that others claim led to its inception. Those who believed gin & tonic to have medical origins refer to the quinine in tonic, and its limited properties to prevent malaria. Whether the combination of the two liquids was medicinal initially is unclear.


You are probably aware of the fashionable nature of gin these days, having shot to popularity since 2009. But did you know that this isn't the first "gin craze" to sweep the nation? Back in the 18th century, gin was a cheap spirit that became extremely popular. Referred to as "mother's ruin" with good reason, it caused absolute carnage on the streets of London. Parliament ended up having to ban gin, instead offering tea to the poor as a replacement. Surprisingly, people embraced the change and gin soon fell out of fashion.


Why replace gin with Pentire Adrift?


Are we suggesting Adrift as a replacement for gin to prevent the ruinous days of the 18th century from returning? Of course not. We are huge fans of moderation and if you choose to enjoy a gin & tonic, far be it from us to stop you. However, you're probably here because you're looking for an alcohol-free alternative. And Pentire Adrift & tonic fits the bill rather nicely.


Whilst Adrift is a distilled spirit, it doesn't pretend to be an alcohol-free gin. Rather, it boasts its own flavour combination that really can't be compared to anything else. Pentire distils plants native to the North Cornwall coast where it is produced. Pentire's values fit seamlessly into the Swiss way of life, due to its focus on healthy living and time spent outdoors.


The Pentire distillation process is similar to that of gin but it does not contain juniper or ethanol. Adrift is also free from sweeteners and sugar, giving it a unique botanical flavour of its own. Why not try an Adrift and tonic and see if it could replace your usual tipple a few days a week? We think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


Glass of Pentire Adrift & Tonic alcohol free displayed in front of a bottle of non-alcoholic Pentire adrift and a cookery book on a wooden work surface


Pentire Adrift & Tonic food pairings


When looking at food pairings for Pentire Adrift & tonic, we're focussing on the citrusy flavour of tonic and all those lovely botanicals from the Adrift. Sticking with the refreshing nature of the drink, we're going to go for light meals with uplifting flavours. Far from getting bogged down in the food and too full, your meal should leave you feeling satisfied and ready for anything.










How to make alcohol free Pentire Adrift & Tonic


You can probably guess how easy it is to make a Pentire Adrift and tonic. No instructions are really necessary, beyond telling you to create it in the same way you would your favourite G&T. Nonetheless, you might pick up some tips from the below instructions given to us by Pentire. After all, they are the experts when it comes to enjoying an alcohol-free drink with tonic. 




  • Rosemary, lemon peel or bay leaf.


  1. Fill a highball glass with ice cubes.
  2. Measure in the Pentire.
  3. Top up with the tonic.
  4. Stir.  
  5. Garnish with your chosen herb or lemon peel to serve.

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