Having originated in Portugal and Spain, Sangria has become one of THE most popular cocktails around. Is it any wonder then that your alcohol-free guests want in on the action? This fabulously simple alcohol-free sangria recipe does a brilliant job of replicating the look, feel and flavour of the popular punch. Ideal for a warm, sunny day. With chopped fruit at its core, Sangria is an easy drink to replicate without alcohol. In fact, dare we say it, our version really does taste rather better than its hangover-inducing counterpart.

Small, round glass of red coloured alcohol-free Sangria with fruit decoration with a tall glass jug of alcohol free Sangria behind set against a dark grey background

Why we love alcohol-free Sangria

Whilst Sangria isn't necessarily the drink of choice among locals in Spain, it is eternally popular with tourists. Restaurants always make sure it's on the menu and as soon as it's time for a fiesta, there's Sangria in abundance.

So, if you are celebrating, Sangria is a must. Whether you're going for a fully alcohol-free party or simply providing an alternative for guests who would rather abstain, this Sangria alternative is going to be a hit. Why not use it as part of a blind tasting? This is a great idea for a baby shower, daytime event or evening do where people will need to drive. 

The other great thing about alcohol-free Sangria is the fruit. As a punch, Sangria is fun with or without the alcohol. Be honest, do you nibble on the strawberry and gobble up the peach slices? Us too. For some variety, why not experiment with different kinds of fruit, or use alcohol-free sparkling rosé instead of chardonnay?

What food goes well with alcohol-free Sangria? 

Made with Thomson & Scott Noughty alcohol-free sparkling chardonnay, this is a white Sangria. Traditionally, white Sangria pairs well with brie, or a vegan brie alternative. Alternatively, think creamy. Creamy pasta, baked camembert fondue or a spinach, sundried tomato and feta cheese salad.

If you decide to make your alcohol-free Sangria with our sparkling rosé, why not pair it with grilled meat or soft cheese? It goes equally well with seafood, a veggie pizza or simply flatbreads, hummus and a selection of other dips.



Grab a kitchen knife and cut a strawberry, a peach and a lime into slices. Pour 120ml of Noughty Organic Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay into a glass pre-filled with your strawberry slices, 3 peach slices and 2 lime slices. Stir them thoroughly and enjoy your fruity, alcohol-free Sangria! Ole’!

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