Alcohol and Relaxation: Exploring Truly Relaxing Alternatives from VE Refinery


In our fast-paced and stress-filled world, people often turn to alcohol as a means to relax and unwind. The allure of alcohol as a relaxant has been deeply ingrained in our cultures for centuries, but is it truly the soothing elixir it's made out to be? Lets delve deeper into the reasons why people use alcohol to relax, debunk the myth of its relaxation properties, and explore healthier and truly relaxing alternatives.


Why Do People Use Alcohol to Relax?

1. Social Conditioning: From a young age, many of us are exposed to images of adults sipping wine or enjoying cocktails during social gatherings. These representations subtly reinforce the idea that alcohol enhances social interactions and creates a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Stress Relief: Life's challenges can be overwhelming, and people often turn to alcohol as a temporary escape from their worries. Alcohol's effects on the central nervous system can provide a momentary sense of calm and ease.

3. Peer Pressure: Social events, work functions, and even casual outings often involve the consumption of alcohol. Peer pressure can influence individuals to participate in drinking to fit in or avoid feeling left out.

4. Cultural Norms: In many societies, alcohol consumption is deeply ingrained in cultural practices and celebrations. It is often viewed as an integral part of these events, reinforcing the association between alcohol and relaxation.


The Reality: Alcohol Isn't Relaxing at All

Contrary to the common perception of alcohol as a relaxation aid, its effects are far from calming and can actually exacerbate stress and anxiety in the long run. Here's why alcohol falls short as a true relaxation solution:

1. Temporary Relief, Long-term Consequences: While alcohol may provide a temporary sense of relaxation, it is merely a sedative that suppresses the central nervous system. As its effects wear off, individuals may experience a rebound effect, leading to heightened stress and anxiety.

2. Disruption of Sleep Patterns: Alcohol disrupts the quality of sleep, leading to restless nights and fatigue. Poor sleep patterns can further contribute to increased stress levels and overall discomfort.

3. Negative Impact on Mental Health: Alcohol is a depressant that alters brain chemistry and can exacerbate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Relying on alcohol for relaxation can lead to a cycle of dependence and worsened mental health.

4. Health Risks: Excessive alcohol consumption is associated with a myriad of health risks, including liver damage, cardiovascular issues, and an increased risk of developing various cancers.


Introducing VE Refinery: Your Source for Truly Relaxing Alternatives

VE Refinery's commitment to offering healthy, natural, and tasty non-alcoholic drinks makes it the perfect destination for those seeking alternatives to alcohol. Here are some truly relaxing beverages from VE Refinery's selection:

1. Feragaia & soda with a squeeze of fresh lime: Truly unique, amber in colour, with a warming finish, this is an open call to cut out the noise and take in the moments worth savouring.  Scottish made and distilled Feragaia’s balanced flavours evolve with every sip. It opens with familiar citrus from blackcurrant leaf, kaffir lime and lemon verbena. A drawn-out herbaceous body is then introduced with nuances of chamomile, pink peppercorn and serrated wrack. This takes you all the way to a light smokey note and lengthy, warming finish from cayenne pepper. Citrus meets spice in a drink that is clean and complex. Sip and savour to discover its true nature.

2. Pentire & tonic with a rosemary garnish: Pentire makes botanical non-alcoholic spirits by distilling plants native to the North Cornwall headlands. True to the Swiss way of life, Pentire was founded on a love of active outdoor and healthy living. Crisp, Herbaceous and Fresh. Notes of citrus, coupled with Sage, Rock Samphire and Sea Salt for a round herbal finish. Adrift’s key botanical Rock Samphire is rich in vitamin C, vitamins E and K, iodine, carotenoids and flavornoids. It’s also includes antioxidants, fatty acids and omega 3.

3. A glass or 2 of Thomson & Scott Noughty Dealcoholized Rouge: Noughty Rouge has been dealcoholized to less than 0.5% ABV and yet retains its rich, velvety flavour. With just 14 calories per glass and only 2.5g of sugar per 100ml, Noughty Rouge non-alcoholic red wine is the perfect alternative to your usual alcoholic red wine.

4 Wilfred’s Spritz Alternative: For those seeking an invigorating alternative, Wilfred’s Spritz provides a flavorful and refreshing experience without the negative effects of alcohol. Free from artificial flavours, sweeteners and colours, Wilfred’s is a carefully crafted blend of natural rosemary, bitter orange, rhubarb and clove to create an unusual but unmistakably delicious drink.

5. The REAL Drinks Fermented Sparkling Tea SelectionThis healthy and invigorating Sparkling Tea range unlocks a symphony of tastes that perfectly balance its non-alcoholic nature with all the depth of a traditional sparkling wine AND your health and wellness goals. Crafted from the finest teas, this non-alcoholic delights undergo a meticulous fermentation process, resulting in a beverage that bursts with flavour and complexity, setting a new standard for elegance and indulgence, that is alcohol-free too. 

Alcohol's reputation as a relaxation aid is an illusion that has persisted for generations. Rather than providing genuine relaxation, alcohol can lead to a range of health issues and exacerbate stress and anxiety. It's time to break free from this myth and embrace healthier alternatives.

VE Refinery's selection of non-alcoholic drinks offers a range of delicious and truly relaxing options to unwind and de-stress without compromising on taste or health. By choosing these natural beverages, you can prioritize your well-being and discover the true essence of relaxation.

Remember, genuine relaxation comes from taking care of your body and mind, and VE Refinery's collection provides the perfect support for your journey toward a more balanced and tranquil lifestyle. So, the next time you seek to unwind, turn to these delightful alternatives and experience true relaxation without the burden of alcohol's negative effects.