Picture the scene. Everyone dressed up to the nines for a Christmas party. Complete with festive decorations and plenty of sparkle. There's nothing you'd rather be holding than a beautifully garnished glass of something bubbly. You're not drinking, but lemonade just doesn’t quite hit the spot. That's why we've created our alcohol-free Christmas fizz. Made with tasty APRTF Bitter Aperitif, this seasonal drink will get you in the mood for a visit from the man in red. Thankfully though, there will be no hangover this year.


What we love about alcohol-free Christmas fizz


This no-alcohol recipe is an eye-catching creation that will tempt all of your guests, whether they intended to consume alcohol or not. Gone are the days when not drinking meant you were stuck with warm lemonade or flat coca cola. Based on a Christmas gin fizz, this drink combines APRTF Bitter Aperitif with the distinctive taste of sparkling elderflower. Add in the citrussy zest of cranberry and lemon juices and you've got a truly delicious creation.


Better still, this one is super easy to make, with no preparation time required. You'll be pouring all the ingredients into a glass, giving it a stir and popping in your garnish. What could be simpler?


We know that Christmas gatherings can get a bit stressful. Quite often, serving alcohol can be part of the problem. Whether it's an underlying family feud or co-workers who tell people what they really think of them after a few drinks, a decent alcohol-free cocktail can solve a lot of problems. You might wish to serve this alongside traditional festive beverages as an option for the drivers and those who don't want to drink. Alternatively, pair it with our no-wine mulled wine if you would prefer to avoid alcohol all together.


Two bottles of APRTF Aperitif pictured back to back against a white background for use in an alcohol free Christmas fizz


Food pairings for APRTF alcohol-free Christmas fizz




APRTF Bitter Aperitif pairs beautifully with salty savoury dishes. You might want to consider a few of these canapé suggestions.


  • Olives or olive tapenade served on salty crackers
  • Sashimi or vegan alternative. If using an alternative, we suggest a seaweed based one to really capture the salty flavour.
  • Salted herby bread sticks
  • Salted nuts
  • Baked feta bites


If you are being adventurous and serving your Christmas fizz with a main meal, we would recommend sticking with the salty savoury theme. Think fish, big Greek salads or a traditional Christmas dinner. Or if you're feeling adventurous, why not try this delicious looking samphire gnocchi?




Combining the unique flavour of elderflower with APRTF Bitter Aperitif and citrus flavours opens up a whole world of sweet pairings. This Christmas fizz has a herby aroma due to the rosemary garnish. Think delicious, light mousse topped with raspberries or blackberries. You might also like to try some of these suggestions as either mini desserts or sweet canapés.



How to make APRTF alcohol-free Christmas fizz


This is one recipe you're not going to need to put aside lots of time for. Simply lay out all your ingredients onto a table, not forgetting the rosemary garnish. Then make an individual drink for your guests as they arrive. They can't fail to be impressed!




40 ml APRTF Bitter Aperitif

40 ml Cranberry Juice

15 ml Lemon Juice

40 ml Sparkling Elderflower


To garnish:


Sprig of rosemary




  1. Pour all the ingredients into a sparkling wine glass
  2. Stir gently with a barspoon to combine
  3. Garnish with a rosemary sprig to serve



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