Non-Alcoholic Spritz by Wilfred's

Traditionally consisting of sparkling wine and bitter liqueur, the spritz has become an iconic cocktail with multiple variations. We are proud to present the non-alcoholic spritz by Wilfred's. Out of all the versions out there, this is easily the simplest and healthiest around. We're here to tell you what we love about this iconic drink and the history of the spritz. We'll take a look at food pairings too, so you can make the most of a spritz with your meal. And of course, we'll let you know how to make a Wilfred's alcohol-free spritz.


Why we love the non-alcoholic spritz by Wilfred's


When you sit to relax with a drink in the evenings, do you usually turn to alcohol? Perhaps you reach for a gin and tonic or a glass of wine. But is it really the alcohol that helps you to relax, or is it just habit? In our experience, we tend to reach for a glass of something because it's part of our routine. So, perhaps it's time to replace that daily drink with a non-alcoholic alternative?


The spritz in its truest form is a simple, refreshing drink based on just two ingredients. This non-alcoholic spritz by Wilfred's stays true to that principle. We do suggest keeping some ice on hand and a slice of orange to garnish. But the only things you really need are a bottle of Wilfred's Aperitif and some tonic water. We suggest premium but diet, flavoured or any other variety will do.


Wilfred's alcohol-free aperitif is created from a unique blend of rosemary, bitter orange, clove and rhubarb. Its distinctive taste and appearance has been lovingly crafted without the use of colours, sweeteners or artificial flavourings. With only 20 calories per 50 ml, making a simple switch from your evening tipple to a Wilfred's alcohol-free spritz will be a step in the right direction to a healthier you.


Bottle of Wilfred's alcohol-free Aperitif red in colour with sunset coloured label displayed next to a wine glass containing an alcohol free spritz by Wilfred's cocktail orange in colour and garnished with a slice of orange



The history of the spritz


There is more to the history of the spritz than simply the creation of a popular cocktail. In fact, it dates back to the 1800s. Back then, the Veneto region of Italy formed part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is widely accepted that the Spritz was created when Austrian soldiers stationed in Veneto found Italian wine too strong for their taste.

Used to lower alcohol content due to their traditional consumption of beer rather than wine, the soldiers took the dubious step of watering down their drinks. The word spritz was used to describe the splash of water Austrian soldiers were adding to a glass of wine. In fact, you may recognise the word in that form today. It is also used to describe a spray or squirt of liquid.

At its inception, the spritz was created using still water. Since then, various versions have been created using sparkling soda, sparkling wine and lemonade depending on taste.

This non-alcoholic spritz by Wilfred's is based on a more modern version, the Aperol Spritz. Aperol is replaced with delicious, non-alcoholic Wilfred's Aperitif. For a little variety, why not try adding 100ml of Noughty Alcohol-Free Sparkling Chardonnay instead of premium tonic water?


Non-alcoholic spritz by Wilfred's food pairings


Like our cheeky Wilfred's Spritz, food pairings for our non-alcoholic spritz by Wilfred's are based on those you would expect with an Aperol spritz. This pairs beautifully with fish and light, fruity flavours. Try to avoid particularly strong flavours that overpower your spritz.



  • Lemon cured salmon
  • Baked figs with brie
  • Platter of cured meats, cheeses and fruit



  • Cheese board with fruit
  • Passionfruit and peach cheesecake
  • Lemon tart


Slice of lemon tart displayed on a white plate with red sauce drizzled in a zigzag with white cream dolloped on top of the tart

How to make non-alcoholic spritz by Wilfred's


Making Wilfred's non-alcoholic spritz is as easy as pouring yourself a gin and tonic. Whether you're celebrating the end of a fantastic week or taking a rest after a stressful day, this is going to hit the spot. Will you miss the alcohol? We think not!


Alcohol content



To Garnish

Slice of orange


  1. Take a large wine glass and put in plenty of ice.
  2. Add Wilfred's and top up with tonic.
  3. Garnish with a slice of orange to serve.

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