Wilfred's Zero Proof Negroni


Traditionally made with several different types of alcohol, the Negroni might not seem like the most obvious cocktail to convert to an alcohol-free version. Wilfred's zero proof Negroni is about to change your mind. Whilst it's not going to taste identical to your traditional drink, you're going to love it. In fact, we are willing to bet this one is going to be just as good, if not better. Grand claims, so let's get going. We're going to look at why we love this non-alcoholic treat, the origins of the Negroni, what to eat with it and of course, how to make it.


Bottle of Wilfred's alcohol-free aperitif red in colour with sunset coloured label pictured next to a glass of Wildred's Zero Proof Negroni cocktail garnished with an orange tweel


What we love about Wilfred's Zero Proof Negroni


The classic Negroni is made from equal parts of three different liquors. Gin, Vermouth and Campari. The problem with giving equal weight to everything is that nothing truly shines through. So, when it comes to Wilfred's zero proof Negroni, we've taken a different approach.


You might not be surprised to hear that Wilfred's Aperitif is the hero of our cocktail. Free from colours, sweeteners and artificial flavouring, Wilfred's is created from a unique blend of rosemary, bitter orange, clove and rhubarb. Its distinctive taste deserves to be enjoyed, so we're here to celebrate it. Adding in just 15 ml of grapefruit and three dashes of Angostura bitters livens up the look, feel and flavour of your Wilfred's Aperitif to create a vibrant cocktail that your guests will love.


You might be wondering why Angostura bitters are in a non-alcoholic cocktail, since they traditionally contain up to 45% alcohol by volume. This is simply due to the volume of bitters contained in a "dash". Angostura bitters are generally used just a drop at a time, and this cocktail is no exception. So whilst there is alcohol in the creation, its amount by volume is negligible.


If you prefer not to use Angostura bitters, grab a clementine or tangerine, slice it in half and stick some cloves in it. Then, pour your grapefruit juice over it, pop a whole nutmeg into the liquid and leave for ten minutes. You'll need to remove the orange and the nutmeg before pouring the grapefruit juice into your non-alcoholic negroni.


What are the Origins of the Negroni Cocktail?


Legend has it that the Negroni cocktail was invented by Count Camillo Negroni at a café in Florence, Italy. The family soon founded a distillery, producing a ready-to-drink version of the cocktail. Angostura bitters are said to be good for the digestion, whilst gin is considered a vice. So, combining the two became popular. Particularly as the flavours complimented each other as well.


In time, variations appeared in the Negroni cocktail. In particular, the Negroni Sbagliato has become popular. This uses Prosecco or sparkling wine instead of the gin and carbonated water of a traditional Negroni. You can purchase an alcohol-free Negroni Sbagliato Set from our website for the perfect sparkling cocktail. Our version is a real treat. Wilfred's Aperitif, Pentire Seaward and Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay produce a truly luxurious non-alcoholic cocktail.


Food Pairings for Zero Proof Negroni


First, we need to talk about the language we use to describe the negroni. Whilst this is a cocktail containing Aperitif, it is also known as an aperitif in its own right. That's because it is traditionally consumed as a palate cleanser before a meal. It also gets your metabolism working due to the bitter flavour. The fortunate thing about a Negroni is that it pairs perfectly with strong, rich flavours. Think delicious stilton, smoked meats and anything salty.





Cheese fondue in a yellow bowl with someone wearing a green sleeved top with only the arm visible dipping in a piece of bread and slices of bread on a wooden board in the background




  • Amalfi pizza
  • Mushroom risotto with samphire topped with a poached duck egg
  • Crab cakes





How to Make Wilfred's Zero Proof Negroni


This alcohol-free Negroni is spectacularly easy to make, but looks and tastes extremely impressive. Don't have all the ingredients? No problem! As long as you have Wilfred's, experiment with some variety. There are lots of versions of Negroni, so why not create your own? You could replace the grapefruit juice with orange juice, use some carbonated water or alcohol-free sparkling wine.


Alcohol content



To Garnish

  • Orange peel twirl


  1. Place a large chunk of ice into an old-fashioned glass.
  2. Pour in all ingredients over ice. 
  3. Gently stir, allowing the ice to melt.
  4. Garnish with an orange peel twirl to serve.


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