No-Alcohol Lime Sour Fred's

Sour cocktails typically contain a few key ingredients. A spirit, a sweetener and something citrussy. You would be forgiven for thinking that removing the alcoholic element might leave a sour cocktail lacking. You would, however, be wrong. Utilising the bittersweet flavour of Wilfred's gives this non-alcoholic lime sour a delicious taste and a cheeky little sour bite. We take a look at the story behind no-alcohol lime sour Fred's, the history of sour cocktails, fabulous food pairings and of course, how to make it.  


The Story Behind Our No-Alcohol Lime Sour Fred's


Created on a sunny day in a London garden, no-alcohol lime sour Fred's is a must-have summer cocktail recipe. Reminiscent of a non-alcoholic margarita or pisco sour, the Lime Sour Fred’s is an impressive looking cocktail that hits the spot on a hot day.

Ideal for a garden party, lunch or warm summer evening, Wilfred's have created two versions of this cocktail. One uses the traditional egg whites, whilst the alternative ingredients are completely vegan.

If you've tried a traditional sour cocktail in the past, you're going to notice the difference with this one. Wilfred's lends an additional kick of both sweet and sour. Take the best bits of a sour cocktail, accentuate them and remove the alcohol and you've got a no-alcohol lime sour Fred's. You're going to love it.


Bottle of Wilfred's displayed next to an alcohol free lime sour Fred's cocktail against a white background


The History of the Sour Cocktail


With similar ingredients, sour cocktails are thought to have developed from a traditional punch. Adaptation from punch to sour is widely credited to the British Navy. On that basis, the first sours probably contained rum as the base spirit. Ships sailing through the Caribbean could purchase rum and it didn't go off during long voyages. It therefore became their drink of choice over beer, which can perish if left for a long time.


Citrus fruits were used to ward off scurvy, and sailors took to mixing lime juice with their rum. This made both a little more palatable, as well as providing health benefits. The resulting mixture was called grog, and British sailors earned the nickname of limeys.


Since then, various sour cocktails have developed, using different base spirits. You have probably heard of the rum sour, whiskey sour, brandy sour, gin sour and pisco sour. Others include tequila sour and amaretto sour. You will probably notice that all of these have alcoholic spirits as a key part of the ingredients. They're even in the name. It's time to redress the balance and see how the alcohol-free version stacks up.


No-Alcohol Lime Sour Fred's Food Pairings


All sour cocktails have quite a strong flavour, and the no-alcohol lime sour Fred's is no exception. So, it's important to serve this with the right food. Don't worry though, that's not too difficult. We've got a few ideas for what to serve with this delicious cocktail, whether you're having it with starter, main or dessert. We're building on the citrus undertones as well as pairing it with rich meals for contrast.










  • Mojito cake
  • Sticky ginger pudding
  • Strawberries and cream


How to Make a No-Alcohol Lime Sour Fred's


Don't be put off by the fact that this recipe contains egg whites! Whilst they do undeniably produce a rather fabulous frothy effect, they are super simple to use. Prefer to go for a vegan alternative? Aquafaba works just as well!


Alcohol content



  • 75 ml - Wilfred’s Aperitif
  • 25 ml – Squeezed lime juice
  • 15 ml - Simple syrup
  • 1 Dash egg white (or 25ml aquafaba chickpea water, for a vegan alternative)


  1. Pour all ingredients into a shaker
  2. Add ice
  3. Shake until foamy
  4. Strain into a cocktail glass to serve




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