Wilfred's Ginger London Mule

Based on the classic London Mule cocktail recipe, Wilfred's Ginger London Mule was in fact created as an alcohol-free alternative to Pimms. With two popular cocktails like that to live up to, this one had better be good. Wilfred's non-alcoholic Aperitif takes its bitter-sweet flavour from rhubarb and bitter orange. Combine that with a squeeze of fresh lime and sweeten it up with spicy ginger beer. As you can imagine, this one is pretty special. It's nice and easy to make too, ideal for impressing guests. We take a look at the story behind Wilfred's Ginger London Mule, the history of the London Mule cocktail, food pairings and of course, how to make it. 


The Story Behind Wilfred's Ginger London Mule


Created by Wilfred's, the Wilfred's Ginger London Mule came into being as a non-alcoholic version of Pimms. Popular during the famous Wimbledon tennis tournament in the summer, Pimms is a garden-party staple. Fed up of being stuck with juice or lemonade as an alcohol-free alternative, Wilfred's dreamed up the Wilfred's Ginger London Mule.  

Whilst the Ginger London Mule is a cocktail in its own right, they insist that it hits the spot when watching the tennis. Not a tennis fan? Don't worry. We think the warming ginger beer in this cocktail makes it ideal for consuming at any time of year. After all, we still want cold cocktails in winter, but wouldn't it be better if they came with the warming aftertaste of ginger?

Not keen on ginger beer? No problem! Try replacing it with alcohol-free sparkling chardonnay, lemonade or sparkling elderflower. Tag us at @ve_refinery on Instagram to let us know what ingredients you use to adapt this recipe to your taste!


Bottle of Wilfred's non-alcoholic aperitif displayed next to two glasses of Wilfred's cocktails displayed against a white brick wall with plants around


History of the London Mule


The London Mule takes the classic Moscow Mule recipe and uses gin instead of vodka. Moscow mules were first consumed in the 20th century but experienced a significant resurgence early in the 2000s. Initially, they were thought to have originated when a bar tender found himself with an abundance of ginger beer and vodka. Combining them and adding a little lime juice was a winning recipe.


Nobody is really sure where the London Mule came from, but it is a natural step to mess about with trusted recipes and look for a better way to make them. That's exactly what seems to have happened with the London Mule. It is thought to be named after the London Dry Gin found in the recipe.


Whilst gin offers a different taste sensation to vodka, Wilfred's makes an even more impressive contribution. A strong flavour in its own right, Wilfreds takes the London Mule to another level.


Food Pairings for Wilfred's Ginger London Mule


Light flavours and lightly citrussy recipes work well with mule cocktails. Think coconut, sweet potatoes, lime noodles, creamy nut butters, fresh salads and lightly fragrant curries. Here are our suggestions for starters, mains and desserts to pair with the Wilfred's Ginger London Mule.










Key lime pie served with cream on top with red sauce underneath on white plate



How to Make it!


Like all our Wilfred's based cocktails, this one is super easy to make, yet tastes deceptively complicated. Grab your ingredients and put aside a few minutes for pouring and squeezing and you're done.


Alcohol content




  • Lime wedge
  • Slice of ginger


  1. Fill a large Collins glass with ice
  2. Pour in your Wilfred’s Aperitif
  3. Top with ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime
  4. Garnish with a wedge of lime and a slice of ginger to serve




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