Alcohol-Free Options for Corporate Gifts: Thoughtful Gifts that Impress

Corporate gifts are a powerful tool for fostering connections with employees and stakeholders. It's a stylish and thoughtful way to warmly welcome new clients and make memorable impressions. And now alcohol-free options are increasingly becoming a staple for corporate gifts to staff and clients alike.


With the burgeoning sober curious movement in Switzerland and worldwide, people are embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle. The rise of mindful drinking is a major catalyst fuelling the demand for alcohol-free beverage options. VE Refinery champions this movement by introducing  healthy, delicious and stylish alcohol-free and alcohol-removed brands in the Swiss market.


In this article, we'll delve into the significance of corporate gifting and its impact on organisations. We'll also guide you in selecting the ideal corporate gifts, emphasising key considerations. Moreover, we'll highlight the benefits of choosing non-alcoholic options for corporate gifts and showcase VE Refinery's range of alcohol-removed beverages. Discover how corporate gifts can be a powerful tool in promoting wellness and inclusivity in your professional relationships.


What are corporate gifts?


Receiving a gift is a personal and exciting experience. It creates a bond between the giver and the receiver. Corporate gifting strategies use presents to establish a rapport with clients, employees, prospects and stakeholders.


But don’t think it’s only limited to an employee onboarding kit or a non-descript seasonal gift card. Corporate gifting is a critical business strategy, impacting how it maintains its relationship with different stakeholders.


In addition to seasonal offerings, gifts are a strategy to welcome a new team member or show admiration or appreciation. Use thoughtful and creative gifts to express gratitude for your stakeholders on their special days i.e., birthdays, work anniversaries, wedding anniversaries and more.


The psychological effect of receiving a gift is significant. Whether it’s employee satisfaction, excellent business-client relationships or increasing goodwill of the company. Gifts are an excellent way to foster a new connection and build a relationship. For example, use a personalised and creative gift basket to woo a client or book a meeting with your ideal prospect. Congratulate and inspire your employees with a gift that suits their personality and complements your organisational values.


60% of employees feel more valued when they receive presents from their employers. Yet only 44% of companies give gifts to their employees and customers. So, it’s an excellent opportunity for your organisation to differentiate from its competitors.


Why is corporate gifting necessary?


Companies investing in corporate gifting increase customer/client retention by 37%. And it’s not an insignificant number. An excellent retention strategy is resource-efficient, cost-effective and gives a competitive edge in the market.


The right gift at the right time can motivate prospects to take a desired action, like completing a purchase, signing the contract, or booking an appointment. On the other hand, clients feel valued and appreciated and their lifetime value increases dramatically. Corporate gifting is a crucial business strategy for the contemporary business world. It’s more than a random gift card for employees or a wellness basket for your clients or prospects.


What should corporate gifts be?


A gift should be a joy to receive. But it can backfire if you are careless when choosing your gift.  This is why the best corporate gifting policies aim for personalisation, attention to detail and meticulously crafted presents for their treasured employees, prospects and clients.


The key considerations while choosing the right corporate gift are conflict of interest, cultural sensitivity, personal taste, legal regulations and company policies. Sending a bottle of the most premium champagne won’t matter if alcohol gifting is against your prospect’s company policies. Or if their religion doesn’t allow alcohol consumption. It’d be perceived as a sign of disrespect, and your professional relationship may even deteriorate.


You want your gifts to be unique, creative, and thoughtful yet safe and respectful. That’s a lot of boxes to tick for a gift. Let’s make it easier. Start with the goal or objective of your gifting strategy.


Gifts are given to show your appreciation, to let the receiver know you value them and to express your gratitude. Hence, it should be useful to the receiver, aid their well-being and shouldn’t create a negative impact. That is why personalised and eco-friendly items are so popular.


Traditionally, corporate gifts included fruit baskets, gift baskets with an assortment of imported chocolates, wines, cheeses, seasons’ tickets to a game and more for clients and prospects. For employees, it was often limited to personalised brand merchandise, office supplies, desk accessories, gift cards and so on.


However, as times are changing companies are focusing more on individual taste, positive brand image, environmental impact, promoting their CSR initiatives and so on. Hence, plants, digital gift cards, eco-friendly items, green goodie bags and health and wellness-related items are trending nowadays.


One of the most interesting and unique corporate gifts these days is vegan, low-in-sugar, alcohol-free champagnes, wines and beverages. They’re inclusive and luxurious and add a touch of creativity to your corporate gifts. And most importantly, they’re culturally accepted, legal and perfectly suited to  all.


Why are alcohol-free options good for corporate gifts?


An expensive bottle of wine or a well-aged whiskey is often the go-to corporate gift for clients and stakeholders. But it’s not always well received. Not everyone appreciates receiving alcohol in this day and age. Especially when the sober curious movement is gaining rapid traction in Switzerland.


Embrace and include non-drinkers with open arms: The benefits of cutting down on alcohol are exponential. From better sleep to a brighter mood, and improved mental health, choosing a sober life has become the new norm. Alcohol-free gift baskets are also inclusive of pregnant and breast-feeding women, people who don’t consume alcohol for religious and cultural reasons and due to personal preference.


Foster a culture that refrains from promoting alcohol: For organisations dedicated to the health and well-being of their employees, customers, and stakeholders, traditional alcohol gifts might not convey the desired message. Instead, cultivate a culture that genuinely prioritises individual well-being and inspires everyone to opt for alcohol-free alternatives. Encourage a lifestyle that values health, inclusivity, and making responsible choices.


Advocate for health and well-being as a way to express gratitude: When it comes to corporate gifting, you aim to leave a lasting impression. You don't want your gifts to get lost amidst the typical goodie bags or simply gather dust in a corner. While an expensive bottle of alcohol might grab attention, an alcohol-free, progressively distilled spirit will not only catch their eye but also pique their interest. Set your gifts apart by offering a unique and thoughtful choice that aligns with modern preferences.


Deliver thoughtful and creative presents to both clients and staff: Your gift serves as a tangible reminder of your appreciation and admiration for the recipient. It is a symbol of your gratitude and a reflection of the tone you wish to set for your relationship. Your corporate gifting strategy plays a pivotal role in positioning your presence in the minds of clients and staff. The perfect gift is not only creative but also deeply thoughtful, creating a resonance that lingers with the recipient, leaving a lasting impression.


Encourage your team members to explore new experiences: Organising your annual company dinner or an event for your stakeholders? Include a mocktail mixology bar abundant with non-alcoholic options. From alcohol-free wines and champagne to sparkling teas and non-alcoholic spirits. Encourage your team members and stakeholders to participate in an epicurean adventure with VE Refinery’s wide range of alcohol-free beverages. 


What non-alcoholic beverages can you buy for corporate gifts?


So, if you’ve decided to take the Chardonnay or the Jim Beam off the table, here’s an easy guide to alcohol-free gifting - VE Refinery. It has found the most delicious de-alcoholised and alcohol-removed beverages in the world. Not only that, they have also elevated the experience of drinking tea to another level. REAL Drink Co’s naturally fermented sparkling tea is as delicious as a premium champagne or wine.


However, it’s not VE Refinery’s wide range of non-alcoholic beverages that sets it apart from the rest - it’s the products themselves. Each of them is carefully curated from a range of low in sugar, vegan, gluten-free and non-alcoholic beverages. VE Refinery currently sources all its products from  premium alcohol-free beverage brands including Thomson & Scott Noughty, Real Drinks Co., Feragaia, Pentire, and Wilfred’s Aperitif.


Thomson & Scott is famous for its vegan, gluten-free and low in sugar, alcohol-free options such as wines, champagnes and sparkling wines. Real Drinks Co. is noted for its organically fermented, low-calorie and non-alcoholic sparkling teas. Feragaia differentiates itself with zero sugar, plant-based, gluten-free, and non-alcoholic spirits, carefully distilled in Scotland. And both Pentire and Wilfred’s Aperitif are non-alcoholic, plant-based, vegan and gluten-free.


But that’s not all; the goodness of VE Refinery products doesn’t end with its inclusive and healthy non-alcoholic options. It extends to the causes they support and the way they give back to society. Want to support an organisation that contributes to the environment, animal welfare and women entrepreneurs, look no further.


VE Refinery’s Alcohol-free Range for Your Corporate Gifts


One bottle and two glasses of Thomson & Scott Noughty alcohol-free sparkling Chardonnay


Alcohol-free Sparkling Chardonnay - Reinvent your gift-giving game with Thomson & Scott Noughty alcohol-free sparkling Chardonnay – a premium, gently de-alcoholized delight with an intact rich flavour profile and aromatic allure. Craft a luxurious gift basket, complete with Swiss chocolates and the Noughty Chardonnay. It's the key ingredient for crafting an exquisite alcohol-free peach bellini, ideal for your upcoming company-wide gala or stakeholder conference.


A bottle of Real Peony Blush non-alcoholic sparkling tea


Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Tea - For a touch of creativity in corporate gifting, indulge in the Real Peony Blush non-alcoholic sparkling tea. Crafted from organic white peony tea, this loose-leaf, fermented delight caters to all. Relish the subtle notes of strawberry, yoghurt, and summer fruits, a lavish treat for refined palates.


The Sparkling Wine Twin Twister Pack from Thomson & Scott Noughty


Sparkling Twin Twister Set - Embrace the Thomson & Scott Noughty Organic Alcohol-free Twin Twister, featuring the finest selections: sparkling Chardonnay and sparkling Rosé. Elevate any moment with these premium mocktail essentials or enjoy them as aperitifs. Get creative and make special occasions memorable with a versatile Kir Royale using Noughty's distinctive beverages.


A bottle each of Peony Blush, Royal Flush and Dry Dragon


6 Pack of Sparkling Teas - Trade the standard six-packs for the enticing 6 Real Drink Sparkling Tea Discover the Real Peony Blush, a light and refreshing experience. Savour the regal Real Royal Flush with Darjeeling tea and fruit notes. Conclude with Dry Dragon, a light-bodied option to be enjoyed with pan-Asian dishes and aperitifs.


One bottle of Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay, Noughty Sparkling Rosé, and Wilfred’s Spritz Alternative


Alcohol-Free Apero Set - This Apero Set is one of the most diverse sets of non-alcoholic drinks available at VE Refinery. A perfect gift for a cocktail enthusiast who loves mixing and serving different types of drinks. From Wilfred’s Ginger London Mule to Noughty Vin and Tonic and Noughty Rose Mojito; this Apero set is a premium gifting choice to woo a new client or appreciate the best employee.


A bottle of Scottish non-alcoholic spirit and a Feragaia and Tonic mocktail



Non-Alcoholic Scottish Spirit - A perfect addition to an autumn gift basket, this Feragaia Scottish non-alcoholic spirit is robust, premium and tastes complex and warm. Just like a fine wine or an aged whiskey, the taste of this spirit deepens with time as the essential ingredients mix and flavours unfold. For a crafted drink experience, try an alcohol-free hot toddy featuring Feragaia and ginger beer – a true autumn treat.


One set of Pentire Gift Box including Pentire Adrift and Pentire Seaward


Alcohol-Free Gift Box - Got a client or an employee who is dedicated to the vegan and plant-based lifestyle? Look no further than the Pentire alcohol-free gift box. Express your gratitude with the Pentire Adrift and Seaward gift box. Adrift entices with citrus, sage, rock samphire, and sea salt, while Seaward boasts grapefruit, sea buckthorn berries, and wild seaweed. A tantalizing, herbal and zesty symphony awaits in this expressive token of appreciation.


A bottle of Pentire Coastal Spritz and a Pentire mocktail


 Alcohol-Free Coastal Spirits - Elevate your corporate gifting game with the Pentire Coastal Spritz, a nod to tradition and Swiss values. Pentire embraces the Swiss love for the great outdoors and vitality, while its tantalizing blend of blood orange, sea rosemary, and oakwood takes you away to a coastal paradise. Serve it with a splash of tonic, garnished by an orange slice or a fragrant bay leaf – a toast to timeless taste.

    Explore Alternative Corporate Gifts with VE Refinery


    Switching the regular wine or whiskey out for an exciting and new alcohol-removed beverage is easier than ever. Whether it’s a client onboarding gift or a gift for a parting employee, VE Refinery’s mocktail mixes and kits and the multi-packs are perfect. Already have a personalized gift basket crafted from scratch? Elevate it with a bottle of sparkling Chardonnay or a fermented sparkling tea.


    Corporate gifts are a golden opportunity to nurture relationships with clients, prospects, and employees. Break free from the mundane choices of gift cards or branded office gear. Instead, infuse creativity, authenticity, and thoughtfulness into your gifting approach. Embrace the spirit of inclusivity and well-being by incorporating alcohol-free options, and encouraging a sober-curious lifestyle at your company events.


    VE Refinery's diverse selection of alcohol-removed drinks, including alcohol-free wine, non-alcoholic spirits, and fermented sparkling tea, can elevate your corporate gifts to the next level. Unleash a world of tasteful surprises and redefine the art of corporate gifting with VE Refinery.